Magnum Engines are now available in the USA! You Must Read This!



John and Mike Greenshields, are once again making Magnum engines available to modelers in the USA at their website: They’ll be providing engines, parts, and service.

John (Mr. Magnum):
I’ve always enjoyed glow engines, all the way back to my u-control days in the ‘60’s to being a part of the original development of the Magnum Engine brand back in the 1980’s. Today’s Magnum engines have never been better. They’re top-quality, consistent, and simply well made. I’m confident modelers are going to enjoy Magnum along with the parts and support we intend to supply.

We’re proud to be working as a family to bring in the Magnum line. Magnum fills a need with a specular full-line of engines for all modelers who enjoy glow engines. From the little .15 two-stroke, to the latest version of the 1.60 flat-twin four-stroke, we’ve got a great engine for you.

This is a new venture for the Greenshields family. We’re first offering the .15, .25 and .52 two stroke. In four strokes, we’ll have the .52, .91, and 1.60 flat twin.


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  1. hi mike are you going to make some four stroke large engines to run on gasoline, we need to have some at a reasonable price to put in large planes , good luck I gave up on glow a long time ago because they are too expensive to run and very unreliable and can not idle low enough to be practical , go gas !!!!! instead.

  2. rgburrill

    It’s refreshing to see these guys acknowledge the “real champions”, those of us who fly for fun not competition. And they are enabling those of us who fly for fun by keeping prices where they were 10 years ago. Too much f the RC industry, all of the RC industry not just aircraft, is focused on high end (read that high cost) competition systems.

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