Skymaster F18D Hornet twin build, takeoff, flight, death video and post mortem


gunradd writes: “Received my F18 from Drik at

It came over with a container so I saved a bunch on shipping. Very impressed with it so far. My goal has been to have it ready for Florida jets. That only gives me 4 weeks to have it airworthy. I will try and just do a basic build to get her flying then will add all the scale details after FLjets before I take her to TopGun. Should be a very scale flying plane. 

This one will be powered by 2 Kingtech K180s. I already installed one on some custom mounts I made and while its tight it fits. I also ran it with the rear of the plane staying nice and cool with the rear mounted engines. I have Tams very nice nozzles on the back. “

This thread started a while back and has it all, but the video on page 4 is heart-breaking, check it out.



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