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I’ve decided to create a series of articles dedicated to helping the average hobbyist get into, or at least consider whether airbrushing can be used to enhance the hobby and any other projects you may want to complete. In this first article, I’ll go over the two main kinds of airbrush designs as well as a couple compressor options.

If you all like this idea and would like to see more articles in this airbrush series, leave a comment below. 🙂

Before I begin, I’ll give you a little bit of a background and show you some of the work I’ve completed using an airbrush. Hopefully my examples will demonstrate the versatility of the airbrush and maybe get some of you interested in how you too can get the effect you desire while utilizing an amazing tool like an airbrush.

While most of my work has been done on a positive surface, or should I say, painting on the outside of an opaque surface, airbrushing can just as easily be used for painting on the reverse side of a translucent surface like an RC body. I’m sure there are some of you out there that have much more experience than me painting RC bodies and I hope you will join in through the comments below. There’s a whole other aspect of painting that can be opened up with an airbrush.


I had been creating artwork through drawing and painting since a child and usually got pleasing results. As I entered my 20’s I began painting wall murals and canvas paintings for friends, family, and the occasional hire.

One day I was walking through our local mall and saw an airbrush store. You know, the guy that paints T-shirts. I watched him for a moment and decided I was going to buy an airbrush. My first two real airbrushes were Pasche single action and Pasche double action airbrushes. We’ll get into the difference in a moment.

T-shirts quickly evolved into mail boxes, motorcycles, trucks, wall murals, and all types of other things. I absolutely love the versatility of using an airbrush. I could achieve fine lines or gradual fades with the same airbrush. It was awesome!

Here are a few examples of my artwork created primarily with airbrushes.

Here is a tire cover I created using double action Pasche and Iwata airbrushes. This type of material called for a flexible paint, so I used Createx colors and clear. A standard air compressor was used.


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