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0 Put a little Extra in, get a lot of Extra out!

Designed for high intensity aerobatics in a flash, the EXTRA 260 builds fast, flies fast, it even looks fast when it’s sitting still. Fly 3D with the large-surface side-force generators and power to new heights with an incredible over six foot wingspan. All components fit precisely and deliver incredible results. Plus, it’s pre-covered in high-quality heat shrink film to make every piece a show stopper. Put in the power system of your choice and take on the skies today.

0 Stable for Sport – Waco 50-61cc GAS or EP ARF Announced

When you put a WACO in the air, you launch a piece of aviation history. These biplanes have taken aviators into the skies since the thirties and their as stable, as reliable, and as attractive today as they were in the golden age of aviation. This Phoenix Model version is every bit as fun to fly as the original and it’s available as an easy-to build ARF as well.

New Release
1 Fly the plane that got America airborne!

You turn the key, pull the yoke back, and leave the ground and all your worries behind. This airplane brings that simplicity and that freedom in a form that makes it accessible to RC hobbyists the world over. It’s a balsa-built beauty, and it’s pre-covered in an envy-inspiring trim scheme from No Coast Design. Take wing.

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