Graupner Snow Skis for the 1800mm Husky


For those of us that live in the ‘Frozen Tundra’, we need to approach things a little different during winter months. Sure, we have indoor flying and micro sized airplanes, but some people may not have that option. There’s always another option available – some of the aftermarket companies have skis that can be universally mounted on an airplane. While this is a viable option, Graupner has introduced a set of skis for their 1800mm Husky. As their slogan says – There’s No Reason! There’s A Season!    Let’s get crackin’ on the ski set!


Name:  Husky 1800S Ski Set

Where to Get:

Price:   $23.90 USD (Price at Publication Date)

Length:   335 mm    (13.19 in)

Width:   65 mm   (2.55 in)

First Look

The Husky 1800S Ski Set arrived in a small, colorful box with specifications on it. The box states that the skis are three inches wide, but are actually just over two and a half inches wide. The required hardware is minimal and included, so no extra purchases are required!

The main body of the ski is made of SOLIDPOR foam, which is the same material from which the Husky is made. The front tip and wheel mount are both made of white plastic, and there are four strips of  what appear to be carbon fiber on the bottom of the skis. The small tail ski is molded plastic, and seems to be quite tough! A pair of long springs will be attached to the front of the ski and the fuselage, and an adjustable string will keep the back end from dropping too far.

Installing the Ski Set

After removing the long machine screws from the wheel mounts, I rotated the wheel until the two holes were visible. The ski was then attached to these two holes, and secured with the machine screws. One of the long springs is attached to the blind clevis at the front of the ski – I slid the bent end of the spring into the clevis and just ‘snugged it’ for the moment.

The rounded end of the spring was then attached to the plastic fuselage mount with a machine screw. Once the machine screw had been tightened, the blind clevis screw at the tip of the ski was fully tightened as well.

The coiled wire end of the rear string was attached to a plastic fuselage mount with another machine screw. You’ll want to leave some slack in the string while the husky is sitting on the skis, as the ski tips should flip upward a few degrees when the skis are off the ground.

To install the tailwheel ski, I removed the original machine screw, slid the ski into place, and installed the longer machine screw. The front spring was then wrapped around the tailwheel bracket. With that, installation was complete!

The Husky is now ready to go play in the snow! After installing the skis, I decided that I liked the look better without the wheel pants – I’ve never seen a full-scale Husky with wheel pants and skis, so it ‘felt’ more natural to me to remove the wheel pants. I think it looks fantastic!


As an add-on option, I think that Graupner has really upped their game with the Husky and the Ski Set – there’s no more having to modify anything to get the Husky ready to play in the snow – it’s as simple as installing the skis. The best part is that you don’t even have to remove the wheels!!! Well done, Graupner! Now, if we could just get enough snow to try out these new skis… -GB

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