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If you’ve been into RC aircraft for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the name Robart. Why? Because they have been in business for over 45 years, manufacturing the highest quality RC accessories available! Robart is known around the world for their retractable landing gear, but they manufacture many different accessories for our hobby. Some of the more popular items are scale wheel, hinges, control horns, and even some really nice functional Piper Cub landing gear! Being known best for their line of retracts isn’t something that they take lightly, and they have striven to be a ‘one stop shop’ for everything you’ll need. To their extensive list of excellent accessories, they’ve added something really cool – an electric air pump! Now, you may be thinking to yourself “why do I need an electric air pump?” That’s an excellent question, and some may say that a hand pump to fill your retract’s air tank is sufficient. Personally, I have their hand pump, and it’s plenty simple to operate – just pump air into the tank and watch the gauge. easy, right? Well the electric pump makes it even EASIER! Interested to find out how? Read on!


Price:  $59.95 (For pump and retract fill valve)

Accessory Price:   $7.95 (Included Inner Tube filler with Lock and various valves)

Length:   8″   ( 203 mm)

Diameter:   2″   (51 mm)

Weight Pump Only:  15 oz   (424.5 g)

First Look

The Robart electric air pump and accessory pack arrived in plastic bags with a label at the top – no fancy packaging required! The pump itself is approximately 8 inches long by 2 inches in diameter, and weighs just under a pound. While it’s not exactly ‘pocket-sized’, it’s not a cumbersome item to carry around.

Included with the pump are A/C and D/C chargers, a retract air line and adapters, and a nice ‘velvet’ storage pouch.

For an additional $7.95, you’ll get the inner tube adapter, a sports ball needle, and a couple of other filler adapters. For this price, I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t get the accessory pack!

Using the Pump

The Robart electric air pump is very simple to use, but I definitely recommend reading through the manual and familiarizing yourself with the pump. After reading the short manual, connect the pump to one of the chargers and let the internal Lithium battery charge. If using the Wall charger, you will know that the pump is charged when the indicator LED on the charger changes from red to green.

Attach the fill tube to the pump, connect the included air line to the adapter fitting, and attach the adapter fitting to the fill tube. You retract filler fitting, which will vary by retract manufacturer (not included), is inserted into the other end of the air line and attached to your retract filler. The pump is then activated by pressing the UNIT button, at which time the LCD screen with illuminate. Using the plus and minus buttons, set the proper amount of air pressure (usually 100 PSI, but may vary by retract manufacturer). With the proper pressure set, simply press the power button. The pump starts up, and will shut down when the proper pressure has been attained. The pump also remembers the last pressure setting, so you don’t need to reset it every time!

That’s it – it’s that easy!

Check out my video to see the pump in action:


I really like this little pump – not just because it makes filling my air retract tank easy, but because the folks at Robart made it a versatile pump, with many, many uses! Everyone can use this pump, NOT just RC hobbyists, and that’s really cool! At $59.95 (price at review publishing date) for the pump and $7.95 for the accessory kit, its a pretty good deal for a rechargable, cordless, electric air pump that can go just about anywhere! Well done, Robart, Well done! -GB

Contact Information

Robart Mfg, Inc.

625 N. 12th St

St Charles, IL 60174

Ph: (630) 584-7616

Fax: (630) 584-3712



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