Traxxas Slash 4×4 Low Center of Gravity Chassis






Traxxas Slash 4×4 Low Center of Gravity Chassis
Complete Kit
Scale: 1/10
Purpose: Replaces original chassis for more stability in high speed corners
Platform: Traxxas Slash 4×4 Short Course Truck




  • rs center of gravity
  • Includes everything needed for the conversion
  • Faster cornering
  • Quick installation
  • Harder to clear some off road obstacles





The Traxxas Slash has been a popular truck for both bashers and racers alike. With the 4 x 4 short course truck class growing, there have been many other 4 x 4 short course truck platforms offered in the recent years, some of them with much lower centers of gravity. Keeping up with the pace, Traxxas now offers a low center of gravity chassis for the Slash 4 x 4 short course truck. Let’s take a look at what is included with this new chassis kit.


Included Accessories


Traxxas’ low center of gravity (C.O.G.) chassis kit for the Slash 4×4 includes all that is needed to complete the conversion.

Each part category is in its own labelled bag with the necessary screws and hardware for installation.

The new chassis has the same look and feel as the original chassis, so it will be right at home on the Slash 4×4.



You can see from the above pictures, the new chassis on the right sits much lower to the ground.




Installation was easy and took about 30 minutes. Traxxas included a technical drawing with an exploded view for reference. Installation was straight forward.

The steering servo gets a new mounting location. In the original chassis, it is mounted in an inverted upright position. The new chassis allows the steering servo to lay on its side at the base of the chassis. Traxxas included a new servo horn and linkage to accommodate for the servo’s new position.

The new receiver box is a little shorter and uses a rubber gasket and foam inserts to seal out the water as the original box does. I used a bit of the included silicone sealant on the foam inserts, around the wires, for a tight seal.




Performance & Handling


Installation went flawlessly and it’s now time to see if there are any handling improvements over the old chassis.

Because the chassis is lower to the ground, it definitely helps to keep the Slash 4×4 on all fours while cornering. I liked the way the truck handled. Jumping the Slash with the new chassis felt the same as the old one, but cornering is where you can feel the difference. There was less body roll and definitely less roll overs.

I had to test the new chassis on an off road trail as well. The truck had a tendency to get hung up on branches and rocks the old chassis would have gone right over.

I can see this chassis is a keeper for me, since my Slash 4×4 spends most of its time on the track. If I did much four wheeling with my Slash, I would think about putting the old chassis back on.







The new Slash 4×4 low center of gravity chassis is just that, low. If you enjoy going fast on a track or similar surface, you will love the added stability of this new chassis.

If you are a straight out basher who likes driving on trails and other hardcore four wheeling terrain, you may benefit from the added ground clearance the original Slash 4×4 chassis offers.







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