RCGF 21cc Twin Cylinder Gasoline Engine


It seems as though there’s a lot of competition in the gas engine market these days, and there are a few names that everyone is familiar with. Some of the big ones are DA, DLE, and 3W – just to name a few. There’s more to the gas engine game than just them! Over the past decade, several smaller companies have sprung up – some have stayed, and some have gone away. But, just because these smaller companies may not be as well known, doesn’t mean they don’t have good products at good prices!

RCGF, a Chinese manufacturer of gasoline engines, designs and manufactures engines specifically for ‘the RC aircraft market. They have a line of gas engines as small as 10cc, all the way up to 120cc! With twin cylinder engines ranging from 21cc to 120cc, they’re bound to have an engine to fill your need.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the RCGF 21cc twin cylinder engine – let’s get the box on the table and see what’s inside!




Name:RCGF 21cc Twin Cylinder Gasoline Engine

Price: $339.99 (Accurate at time of review)

Engine Type: 2 Stroke Gasoline Engine
Cylinder Displacement: 21cc (1.28 ci)
Weight with Ignition and Mufflers: 2.02 lbs (920g)
Weight w/o Ignition and Mufflers: 1.54 lbs (700g)
Bore x Stroke: 27.6mm x 17mm (1.08 in x .67 in)
Carburetor: Walbro-type designed by RCGF

Ignition: DC-CDI (Computer Controlled, Auto Advance, Electronic Ignition System)
Power Supply: 4.8 – 8.4 Volts
Speed Range: 1,800-9,500 RPM
Recommended Fuel Ratio: 30:1 (ashless 2-stroke oil)
Recommended Propellers: 15×8 – 16×8 Two Blade


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