Traxxas Slash VXL Brushless with OBA


In June, I tested and wrote about the Traxxas Slash w/ OBA and how much I enjoyed what the Slash offers. It’s been a goto vehicle in my arsenal for all around fun, however the Slash VXL with On-Board Audio (OBA) and Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) is starting to take its place as a favorite.


Understanding these differences is the first thing to do when unboxing this VXL. The first thing to consider is the difference in power? the Slash VXL also includes a NiMH battery, but offers the Velineon brushless motor and ESC power system. The speed out of the box will be noticeably faster as a result.

Next, I flipped through the manual to start learning more about the Traxxas Stability Management system. TSM is suppose to allow the driver to experience the power, speed, and acceleration by making it much easier to control the vehicle on loose or slippery surfaces. I’m concerned it?s going to be intrusive and have a numbing effect on the limited senses with which we already drive r/c.

And then there?s the On-Board Audio, which was met with mixed reaction in the last review. In general, I’m not a fan of battery draining accessories, but I have found I run the truck with OBA on more often than not? I just don’t turn it up all the way. As one person commented, it sounds cooler in the video than it does in person. Initially I agreed, but I’ve started to come around to the OBA in moderation. So naturally, I expect the same things from the OBA on this Slash.

I also have a LiPo to push the speeds and run times, so I’ll discuss that in the test drive section below. It’s safe to say a test drive with LiPo is always better than a drive with NiHM; what?s not to like about longer run times and better performance? Exactly.

And finally, this Slash is 2wd with a lower CG than previously reviewed. Previously an option is not factory equipped for the first time. That should equal better handling and higher speed.



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