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RCUniverse Glossary

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A car's gearing is the relationship between the spur gear and the pinion gear as compared to the transmission drive ratio of the vehicle. Use our gearing calculator.

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Added by: mkranitz
Glass Filled Composite, Fiber-reinforced composite consisting primarily of a polymer or polymers embedded with fibrous glass material. This is a type of plastic frequently used in the mfg of R/C vehicle parts.

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Added by: Kdill2160
Short for fiberglassing.

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Added by: jimbo_98
Sometimes called a "hit" or being "shot down" when flying, a glitch is a temporary interruption in the radio signal being transmitted from your transmitter to your receiver. With the advent of PCM transmission standards and synthesized modes of transmission, glitches are becoming more rare.

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See also: PCM | PPM Added by: mkranitz
Glow Ignitor
A device that attaches to a "Glow Plug" in order to heat the plug to a sufficient temperature to cause combustion to begin in the cylinder of a glow engine. A glow ignitor is powered by a 1.5 volt battery in most instances.

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See also: Nitro Fuel | Glow Plug Added by: mkranitz
Glow Plug
Similar to a spark plug in a car's internal combustion engine, the glow plug is a filament that literally glows in order to ignite the fuel inside the engine cylinder. When a glow engine is first started, a "glow ignitor" is attached to give the filament a very high temperature. Once heated, a catalytic reaction between the methanol in the fuel and the platinum in the coil keeps the latter glowing, thus providing a continued source of ignition once the engine has been started and glow ignitor is removed.

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See also: Glow Ignitor | Nitro Fuel Added by: mkranitz
A device that can control engine RPM. Mainly used on helicopters to help maintain a constant head speed.

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Added by: RCer22
Gravity or Gravitation is a property by which all flying objects have an attraction to the planet Earth, but those in control of the flying objects have an affinity to keep those objects in the air.

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Added by: Kevlar
A device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principle of conservation of angular momentum. The essence of the device is a spinning wheel on an axle. The device, once spinning, tends to resist changes to its orientation due to the angular momentum of the wheel.

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Added by: Rob40
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