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Delray Beach, FL
June 2008
R/C Trading Plus
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Role: Contributing Editor
Editor Biography: I built the RichModel EZ .40~50 size plane in 2008. Any semi experienced builder can undestand the plans and put this together quickly. This plane got a bad rap from some people because they didn't understand it. Ground handling is great as long as you don't over-control it. Just a little bit of nosewheel input will turn this plane quickly, so the nosewheel should not have a lot of movement. Also, the fuel tank should be mounted facing forward, and mounted at the location of the CG. There is plenty of room in the fuselage to do this. Placing the tank at the rear of the plane and backwards, as the plans call for, causes the CG to change drastically as fuel is burned off, which then causes the plane to become unstable during flight. Putting the tank where the plans suggest also causes more weight to be added to the nose to counteract the weight of a full tank. That will make the plane 8 ounces heavier than it needs to be. The CG point is very critical, so you don't want to be off, or have it change as fuel burns off. Another modification to the plane should be the engine thrust ... set it to 0°, 0° ... just like the full sized plane. This makes it more stable too. This EZ plane flys like the full sized plane. So, when doing loops, you need to reduce the power to about 25% or less as the plane comes over the top of the loop. Otherwise, it will go into a spin and lose about 100 feet. When the plane levels off from the loop, just go back to full power. The plane handles very well in winds up to 15 mph. Strong crosswinds above 10 mph make this plane and most planes difficult to land. An OS .46 AX with a 10x7 or 11x7 prop makes this plane fly great. I know, because my Long EZ flys easily and perfect with both props. It is fun to fly and everyone at my field watches it fly whenever I fly it. I got many compliments on the plane, and the way it flys. Just remember, when the canard elevator goes up, it will point (push) the nose down ... And vise versa, down elevator will cause the plane to climb. (opposite effect from the typical plane with a rear elevator). Not much throw is needed on the canard, but ailerons do require more throw. I set about 1/2 inch max throw on the canard ... most of the time I never used it (but it was nice to have it there if needed). 3/8" deflection up & down is just about right for most flying. The plane is squirely in the air, so it is best to first fly it on very calm days to get used to it. Crosswind landings are a bit difficult until you really get to know the plane (the 40~50 size EZ doesn't have any rudder control). The EZ also tends to float a lot while landing. So you may overshoot a short runway until you get used to that too. Don't try for high alpha landings ... you'll just tip stall it and damage the plane. Again, don't do loops with full throttle otherwise, it will snap roll as it comes out of the bottom of the loop. So, reduce throttle to 1/4 or idle as the plane comes over the top of the loop, add power AFTER the plane levels off. I put about 3/4" throws on the ailerons. The plane needed it. This plane does not scale down well. Unlike the full sized EZ, this plane can develop severe stalls that cause the plane to drop 100 feet, as well as develop porpoise like stalls. So, you have to stay on top of that to control the severity of the stall. Always do stall recoveries into the wind otherwise it may snap roll. *** It has now been over a year since I have owned an EZ. It was fun at the time, but I got tired of it fast. It's a nice plane, just don't expect it to go fast. It "slides" around turns. It also appears a little sloppy or clumsy in the air. After being away from the plane for a year now, I would not want to own another one.
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