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Bonita, CA
December 2001
R/C Trading Plus
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Seller: taprackflip
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 05/04/2011 Item ID: 731508 Several MOKI engines for sale
Comments:  Total pompous ass and childish person to deal with. I should have read his other "poor" ratings and realized this is a guy to stay away from. His beef with me is that I decided to delay my trip to San Diego a few days where I would have delivered his plane for free as a big favor. A plane he had not even paid for. So, here I'm offering to do the guy a favor and he acts like a spoiled child. Stay away from this one
Rebuttal:  Another dead beat seller leaving a negative as a rebuttal to the one I left them. Here is what I left for them. I am sure there is goodness in there but expect childish attitidude when trying to get this person to be accountable. ***********Sorry to say it but I found another dead beat seller, terrible communication, zero consideration and absolutely no surprises as to why his hobby shop folded under. It takes more than capital to be successful. Sold me a plane and engine, had tentative plans to meet and when the day comes he is no where to be found. Made arrangements a second time to meet and when asked the day before the date if we were still good he cancels the sale and relists them. This person didn’t want to commit to anything that he might have to be accountable to and acted like a teenager when prompted to communicate **************And this is the email I sent in reply to his Email to me,, go figure for yourselves. ******************This is where your wrong. There was no favor which you center this around. During our discussions it led to the possibility of meeting and then it was mentioned that he person was coming to La Jolla as they had to pack up some more stuff to do with the move and that they would bring the plane with them. The date was tentatively set for Sunday and so I planned around it but came to find out that no one was going to show up that day. No one communicated to me. A tentative plan was set and someone made a decision to do alternatively and not advise the other party. Hopefully you can see where I am coming from now as it's obvious we have two completely different view points. I'm not a dick all the time, just when I get aggravated by people that show a complete lack of respect for me and when challenged choose to take a stance. Personally I would rather make friends than enemies but won't be treated like a door mat. My hand is extended to you to draw this to a close sir. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jennifer Ragde" To: Cc: Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 7:40 PM Subject: Re: Question Re: Item 744492 in R/C Marketplace I don't know why you had to insult the person I hired to handle these items for me. He indicated that he might be able to take it to you on the weekend. He was doing this as a favor to you. When did maybe become definitely? As such, he could not make the weekend happen and subsequently did not confirm with you. Again, as favor to you, he again offered to take the plane to you on Thursday. Again you made a childish remark to John, and decided to barade him again. I particularly don't care about your remarks comparing John to your daughter or your slams against my business. You are the one who was getting a deal, why be such a jerk about it? I understand about treating a customer nice, however, it doesn't mean you can treat John or myself like a piece of shit! I have elected not to sell you my airplane. Instead,I have decided to fly it, crash it stage center, and do the rain dance around the wreckage. Afterwards, I am going to piss on the wreckage to insure there is no fire. The best part of this ceremony will be the fact you will never get this airplane and will forever regret the deal you never got! ************************************And then he files a dispute against me and the RCU admin finds in favor of,,,,,, read on ********The complaint filed against TheEdge by taprackflip has been resolved after review by RCU for the reasons set for below. We appreciate your efforts to resolve this matter and keep your record clean! The complaint has been automatically be removed from TheEdge's public ratings. ---------COMPLAINT---------- Complaint No. 4187 Item: 737791 - REDUCED... Blow out price Composite-ARF Extra 330L with ZDZ-80 Status: RESOLVED RCU Notes: The details of the transaction included the buyer picking up the item in person. The seller refused to meet at the designated location thus preventing the buyer from completing the transaction. The offer accepted by the seller clearly states "Delivered". The buyer has done nothing wrong in this situation. It is up to the seller and buyer to work out the problem of this situation, but RCUniverse will not remove the rating as there is no indication that it contains anything other than truthful information
Buyer: warbird_1
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 03/29/2011 Item ID: 727829 Zenoah G-62
Comments:  After dealing with this guys childish attitude and horrible harassment for over a week now i decided i had close my account and get a new user name. i decided to give up my name after having it since '02. i have never had a mark on my ratings except for a average , that I deserved. I will not let anyone with the likes of him drag my good name into the mud. he continues to cry the victim when if fact his crappy attitude caused all this.what i am about to tell you is the whole truth. i am not a liar or story teller. this is the facts. 2 weeks ago i was looking for an engine for buy for my byron corsair. i saw his add for a nice g-62. after seeing his 12 poor ratings i should have ran away but i thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt I told him that it’s to bad he has some many poor ratings or I’d buy his engine. we chatted back and fourth and offered me his phone number so I called it. we talked and after a bit I decided to buy it. I got up from my desk and went to the post office within 5 minutes of hanging up . I sent the money order priority mail with signature required at the cost of $7.30. I did this so he wouldn’t have to wait for snail mail. I got home and emailed him back saying it was on it’s way and that he would have to sign for it. that’s when it all went south . He blew up , went into an email rant about how difficult and inconvenient it would be for him to go to the PO. I tried to clam him down telling him they come to your house with it. he continued back say he would be at work. well it turned out it came on Saturday and he was home . I also told him that if it was a hassle to just relist the engine and send the m.o. back. after the deal was concluded he suggested I leave feedback. I sometimes take awhile to get to it. that’s me. after a few days ,he got impatient and blocked me from leaving feedback. I found this out after I went on to leave feedback . it kind of ticked me off that he took away something he had no right to do. after the deal was all done ,he cancelled my bid and blocked me. what a child. just because I didn’t jump when he spoke. I have filed 3 complaints with RCU because of his harassment. every time I rebutted him he made sure he rebutted back so as to erase mine. again a child... this went on for about 6-7 times I think. so again I filed another complaint.BTW after I did leave feedback I was a nice guy and left him an average saying I probably wouldn’t buy again given the problems we had and that I was going to flame him. what I got was a 10 page essay on what a dirt bag I was. I would have been happy with an average but didn’t feel I deserved a poor for something I didn’t do. after getting RCU involved we agreed to clear the ratings and start fresh. my position was to just let it go and leave no feedback . after 2 days ,he rated me again ! this time a positive. I didn’t respond . I just didn’t want to deal with him again and after him demanding me to leave him a positive I decided I wasn’t going to leave anything , just let it go. so then he goes after RCU accusing them of withdrawing his feedback after he agreed to remove it. he even started a thread on it. so after me not responding to his positive feedback he changed it back to a poor and relisted his 10 page essay. after trying to get RCU to do something I was left with leaving my own 10 page essay. I’m not going to stoop to name calling again. you have to decide for yourself weather you want to deal with this guy or not.
Rebuttal:  You got the engine and you were happy with it. My mind was already made up, I did not wish to deal with you any further and so I blocked you. You went on a rampage filing dispute after dispute and to no avail. Buying and selling shouldn't be as ugly as this but every once in a while you meet someone who is the total opposite of you and you mix like fire and gasoline. I'm am satisfied that you are happy with the engine so it's time to move on but you won't see me changing profiles to hide the truth.
Seller: john43055
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 04/23/2009 Item ID: 506889 Jemco P-51 kit
Comments:  Backed out after agreeing to price, and receiving my invoice, NO communication, until i relisted the item, poor member.
Rebuttal:  Desperate and needy sellers who harass don't get my money. I avoided buying from this seller as he had all the signs of someone desperate to get cash and wouldn't stand behind his goods. I can take a negative for not walking into this set up
Seller: evans2u
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 01/23/2009 Item ID: 450912 VECO The Apache
Rebuttal:  See how the seller doesn't leave any comments? Why?, because he can't say anything bad, because what I did was send him immediate payment for the two kits he had advertised as NIB. Once the kits arrived I opened them and much to my surprise, one was not NIB. I called and spoke to the seller and he sounded a little surprised saying, well I guess I shoulda looked in the boxes (duhhh) Then the discussion led to me returning the kit. What a piece of work he was, I had a hard time getting him to refund me my money after I shipped the kit back to him. he even had an issue about the fact that I didn't return both. Then trying to get him to reimburse me my shipping was another matter that he didn't seem to get. So after all this I left him an OK rating, so then he gives me a negative. So now he has a negative. So my negative is because I paid him immediately, returned to him what wasn't as advertised and for this he gives me a negative
Seller: buckyb
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 09/16/2008 Item ID: 414670 33% Cajun R/C Pilots
Comments:  The buyer paid quickly but claims he did not receive his goods and filed a claim with Paypal and wrote a book on RCU. I have repaid him all his money (including shipping). I will let my 32 positive ratings speak for itself.
Rebuttal:  UPDATE *** The package finally showed up after a month so I automatically refund the seller, after all he did refund me my money. Then I told him the good news.. But still, he keeps this negative rating of me. Original Rebuttal begins: This is as expected after I left this seller a negative. But what does it say, it says I paid and paid quickly, it says that I had to file a claim against the seller as he was non cooperative in helping me resolve this problem. He ceased all communication with me when I told him I never got anything, until I filed a claim and left a negative. I still have not seen any such revesral of funds from him. So what does this say, when he does say something it's holow, as in empty words. So basically I get a negative because the little box of $45 dollars worth of goodies didn't get to me and he isn't willing to help. If this reads as a negative to me then I need a head realignment.
Seller: aaflyer
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 11/25/2006 Item ID: 237854 JR R770
Comments:  Waited 5 Days after he said he was "sending payment". Never got the payment. I told him I would cancel the sale, if I did not receive the payment. He did Paypal me for the item. On another receiver, I was selling, he emails me and says "consider it sold". I invoiced him and never heard another word
Rebuttal:  Well, oh well, oh well,, look at what we have here then. A Poor rating for taking 5 days to get seller his payment. I would have thought that was OK, not brilliant,, but definitley not POOR. Some people have things happening that can distract a thought about an Rx that we needed to make payment a priority for. But who am I to see in to what is adequate and proper in another mans mind. I will surely be leaving a negative for this seller for his reaction to this very minor delay.
Seller: jeffdearduff
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 11/22/2006 Item ID: 234393 JR XP783
Rebuttal:  Sorry about that, I never got an invoice or Email from you. All other Emails seemed to work just fine from all other peoples. As you can see by my feedback, I'm a pretty steady trader with a good battting average. I wished I had got your Emails so this didn't have to happen
Buyer: liljon559
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 01/22/2006 Item ID: 141899 AeroWorks Katana 29%
Comments:  just be careful with this seller he is going to have his word also but all I can do is say be careful deal was terrible
Rebuttal:  The feeling is mutual. I have hesitated to leave negative feedback for Jon as I thought we could settle our differences, and man did I bend over backwards to do so. Basically, I learned I could not to trust him. He will try to manipulate as much as he can from you during a deal and after it has been made. Please take a look at all my negatives,, I personally think they read in favor of a positive for me. But you cannot please everyone,, all of the time. I'm ok with my batting average though.
Seller: extratorker
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 04/04/2005 Item ID: 82262 Desert Aircraft DA-50-R
Comments:  He did pay me fast,but my motor never arrived. I immediatley refunded his money and he still thinks I tried to put something over on him. This guy is not the person to be dealing with. Just look at his other poor ratings. He's shifty and nothing you do will make him happy. This guy is less then a poor member,he's a poor human being.
Rebuttal:  I just wish to say, when I post negative against someone who I find untrustworthy, I don't do it without realizing there will be retaliation,, I do it for all the other good guy's out there so that they too don't get burned. Look at my batting average, the positive percentages in my opinion far out weigh the negative comments placed simply in retaliation because one has been exposed for all to see.
Seller: admw12
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 04/02/2005 Item ID: 85647 Double Vision Arf
Comments:  Buyer flaked out. Don't trust this guy. He asked me to place the item as sold and he never paid.
Rebuttal:  Check out what I have pasted below. This is the feedback I left Adam after having spent a week going through the plane I bought from him. He couldn't have supported what I said any better. An absolute lier through and through. I left him this feedback knowing that he would probably retaliate, but I felt it my duty to warn others even if negative feedback of me was the consequence. Firstly, this is not intended as a personal attack against Adam, I need to say that I know I should be responsible for my own actions and do accept that I should have been smarter,,,,,,,,,, but,,, after talking with Adam on the phone he described the plane as no less than cherry and that only one piece of trim had departed from the plane, all else is excellent So,,, I agreed to meet him. He was never able to hook up though until it was late at night (dark) I drove the 100 miles to meet him. Upon first sight of the plane in the dark, I noticed things that were not too nice but could be fixed. Having driven all that way I just figured go with it,, (My mistake) it will just take a little time to get these things right. Without going into all the details,, I have to say, when I got home and examined the plane in detail my immediate visual was of a 16 year old boy who shows up at the field with thier first plane put together. Except they were better than this one. A butchered hack job. I have no confidence in anything that was put together by Adam on this plane. I have spent many hours going through every single thing on this plane, and boy do I feel glad I have. Adam and I talked the next day on the phone and he stands behind the quality of his craftmanship, in fact he stated that he had more mechanical aptitude in his little pinky than all my generations put together. It is a shame that ARF's allow people with no skill level at all to throw something together like this and place everyone at the flying field they share, at risk. My words here are lengthy but as brief as I could make them. This is simply to appraise others so that in the event they should be interested in something Adam is selling, they can see it in daylight for themselves as I have found out that the words of some cannot always be trusted.
Buyer: arfman
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 02/23/2005 Item ID: 72670 O.S. Engines O.S. FS-91 Surpass
Comments:  engine.in poor condition,sent to hobby services for bearings and seals. total $83.95
Rebuttal:  It just goes to show, you cannot please them all. I offered him a full refund and he said he had someone who would replace the bearings which he thought sounded noisey
Seller: tobly
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 02/01/2005 Item ID: 72664 E-Flite Ultimate EP 3D Profile Combo
Comments:  This member is a nightmare to deal with. Do yourself a favor and pass on any offers from this member. He received and ACCEPTED a completely damaged package from a carrier and then tried to turn the blame on me. This user will try to defame your character and act completely unprofessional. There is just no working with this individual....Avoid at all cost.
Rebuttal:   First of all he try's to gouge me for more shipping after I had paid him what we agreed upon. Then when I wouldn't give him more he got foul mouthed and nasty with me, calling me names with unsuitable language. I then wanted to back out of the deal because I had a bad feeling about what I would be getting. He assured me all would be fine. I got the package yesterday. A 7 year old would have taken more care to package this fragile plane. The plane is a total loss. The seller will not do anything about this. He said, it's all up to me now as he has done his bit. Not only was it destroyed but not all that was in the deal was in the box. This has been the worst ever deal to date. This is the first time I have had to file a complaint against a member. You decide.
Buyer: afilho
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 09/27/2004 Item ID: 49541 O.S. Engines O.S. FS-91 Surpass
Comments:  he want to sell junk engines/planes for the first offer, i sugest him to trow away junk and don't put to sell here on RC. that is it. but he is a very good seller, he will try all ways to make you pay for the junk.
Rebuttal:  Yep, that's right, that is why I have the feedback that I do from all these happy people. It is a crying shame that we get these types of people like Aldenor in the hobby. But thank fully, not very often. I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with him in life and at his club. Very rude and a liar. I gaurantee satisfaction on everything I sell. He made me the offer on the engine, I didn't have to twist his arm. What a screwy dude...
Seller: nonstoprc
Ad Type: Classified
Poor 12/22/2003 Item ID: 13419 YS 91 AC
Comments:  Backed out from the agreeement that matches the offer of a local club member. Threat to use RCU rating as a leverage to get the lowest price. Not a man of keeping his offer/word. Curious about the motivation to buying used equipment in this community.
Rebuttal:  Please look into removing this from my rating. I replied to this add offering full asking price. Then he wanted to raise his asking price and I stated that I understood him wanting more for his engine but the raised price was not what we had agreed upon. He accepted my offer through the site using the trackable system. I stated that if he must sell it for more then I would leave appropriate feedback so that others woud have an idea how good his word is. I have done this and so now in retaliation, he tries to make it look as if I was bartering with him, which at no time was I. I conducted myself the way any gentleman would and this is what I get.

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