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Bennington, NE
January 2002
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How do you know when you have the sickness?
The last blog didnt go anywhere  so i am gonna start another one that is near and deer to my heart. I call it the sickness.... I like to think that most of the modelers are what I call , "The Cox Survivors." We all struggled with getting those 049s running and then if that happens surviving the dizzy spells....of doing the "circle jerk" but thenwe go on into rc and those who survive that usually go onto full scale or life. well I am caught iin the middle. I cant get thru the RC stageand I have a basement full of planes to prove it. At last count I have 30+ planes, all warbirds in various stages of finishing. Whats really sucks is that I would really love to finish my basement but there is not a plane i can see me doing without. Thats when I realized that I have the sickness and I see no end to it nor do I dsire an end to it.....I am like a nympho who doesnt think they have a problem. Where are you guys at and what is the cure....or is there a cure?  When should I have recognized the 1st signs?
  Posted by:  Ram-bro on October 12 2007
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no cure in sight
Well i was one of the cox generation and went on to fly r/c and trucks and now boats.I have nine boats and my wife would love more room in the house but it aint happening because im looking at getting three more.Im in my 50 s with 10 children ( 7 are adopted) and now 22 grandchidren and the hobby is better than drinkinng and doing drugs which i do not do but would rather spend my money on my hobby. And i always get ticked off when people call them toys. Its some thing that i hope i never outgrow and continue to do for many more years. during all the years ive been married ive had planes hanging from ceiling and cars and trucks and boats on shelf or counters.So just go with the flow and keep up the hobby and do not worry about it.
  Posted by:  brc51 on October 12 2007

cox survivor
I think as a cox survivor....we are the ones that will keep the hobby alive and viable. Am I truelly looking for a cure? probably not, just looking for others inside this cadre of modelers who feel my pain. People calling these "TOYS", doesnt really bother me, it is just an opportunity to enlighten them and then feel sorry for them if they dont get it. Everyone needs an escape and those who dont need an escape or a hobby are the ones I expect to read about someday in the newspaper I may have to see if I can start hanging some of my models up like furniture or art work ...it would at least give me more room .
  Posted by:  Ram-bro on October 12 2007

No cure..only management
Thanks for visiting my new thread (Royal kits), i'm hoping to get some more show and tell there. Judging from the numerous pics of your beautiful big planes you do have an advanced case! That is why I stick to the "smaller" ones for now (they just take less room and allow for greater numbers of 'em). In some degree  of  balance this sure is one of the best hobbies of all. Where else can you build a "museum piece" and actually risk it in the air; the succesfull completion of which, leaves a feeling unrivalled! Regarding your previous topic..I've changed my thinking. I do think the nicer ARF's out there now, ultimately bring in more potential RC'ers since they don't stall out in the middle of a build and can be bitten by the bug. Imagine a newbee spending months building a plane (hopefully a trainer), only to auger it in! My anecdotal experience is that with the ARF's, that auger doesn't intail such a huge dissappointment of loss, and they'll buy another one even more determined (particularly if they got enough flights in with an instructor to get excited). Eventually there will be that dream design that doesn't come in ARF form and they'll drift into their first build, and learn of the joys to be found in that side of the hobby. Well thats kinda what i'm thinking now..I just hate these blasted electric "Gee Whiz 2000" foamie electric toys! Even they might be an entry to getting into a more expensive and bigger ARF..and then the "disease" takes hold..Ha Ha! I was always more of a builder, and would build multiple airplanes with the greatest craftsmanship I knew how, but it was awhile before I got into the flying enough to become quite competent there. I think builders like us will always find a way, we just need to get the new people interested so we can pass on our talents to the next generation. Thats well enough from me! Thanks for having a blog, not many here seem to bother with it. -Best regards!
  Posted by:  Riddle4U on November 25 2007

I did nt think that ARFs and the sickness could have a link......Now there is some high level thinking. So ARFs could be an entry level drug....I like that but it does make since. ARFs could and do bring people into the hobby and eventually they will either learn to rebuild and then build or find something else to do. All I nkow so far is that as an auctioneer, they sell their stuff the cheapest. I hate to say I fault arfs because they do have a place in the hobby just as long as they dont become the hobby. What they have done for me as mentioned in my other blog is to cheapen the hobby. I actually have a royal P6e Hawk that I was looking forward to building but the TF Arf has taken away that fire . maybe one day I will build her but I can t see when now......
  Posted by:  Ram-bro on November 25 2007

ARFS as nice as they are ....
I am of the opinion that as good as arfs are , they are bad for the hobby. They are putting a price on craftsmanship by cheapening it. They are robbing the hobby of craftsmanship and introducing mediocrity as the norm.  Before long as I have said before, Top Gun will be won by a ARF....in Team Scale......What is funny to me is when I look on RCU and see a build thread for an ARF....if that doesn't make you laugh then you to have been infected with the arf bug. I have watched as arfs have improved we as modelers have gotten lazier. I remember when Top Flite Gold edition kits were easy kits to build compared to what was out there, but today with or craftsmanship slowly being sucked out of us...many guys consider that a difficult kit to build. The future of RC is bleak. when the 40and above generation is gone, so shall the hobby.....
  Posted by:  Ram-bro on November 28 2005
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Look at full size planes...

Well, look at full size planes. Some like to fly general aviation aircraft, come build their airplanes. I loved what I saw last year at Fun-N-Fly in florida, but I would not build a full size experimetal plane, neverthe less I love to fly:-)

Some of us use ARFS and also build. Non of my giant scale are ARFs but I have some electric ARFs, and a 1/5 scale Cub, and a Trainer, and let me tell ya, I have a lot of fun with any of them.

The future of RC is unchanged, if anything it is better because of ATFs. Are there less builders now than before? I think the answer might be YES, but this fact will not affect RC...


  Posted by:  GerKonig on November 30 2005

Building may not die so quickly

Don't be too down on ARFs for spoiling the hobby.  I just started flying this year, as did a lot of other new Omahawk members.  My Nexstar trainer was fairly idiot-proof, and it got me completely hooked on this hobby.  A lot of other guys started out brand new this year with Nexstars and Avistars as well.

I'm thinking about building a first kit this winter.  All of the new guys who joined the club face the same problem, we're all flying the same two or three RTF trainer packages.  If building a kit won't guarantee that I'll have a unique airframe, at least it will guarantee I will probably have a unique trim scheme.

If building my trainer from a kit had been the price of admission for learning to fly glow aircraft, I'd almost certainly have stuck to throwing my EP park flyer around soccer fields.  I wanted to learn to fly most of all, but now that I've solo'd and really gotten excited about the hobby, other aspects like pattern flying and kit building are more appealing to me.

I'd guess that 60% of folks who join a club to learn to fly probably wash out within the first year or two.  Maybe their life demands more time from them, or they crash a trainer or two and decide the hobby isn't worth the frustration.  If the other 40% stick with it, though, maybe half will remain casual flyers and just stick with RTF planes or common ARFs.  The other half of this group, however, will continue to learn and grow with the hobby.  Warbirds, jets, kit building, pattern aerobatics, freestyle aerobatics, multi-engine aircraft, and all kinds of advanced flying and modelling niches will capture their interest as explore what else is available for them to build and fly long after they've moved on from the Nexstar or Tiger Trainer that initially lured them into the hobby.

The key to the future of this hobby isn't finding the two guys out of ten who will eventually build kits and fly scale warbirds, it's finding the ten guys willing to try out the hobby so four of them will stick around and two of them will become serious modellers.  RTF airplanes and ARFs are very, very good things because they make it possible to get ten or twenty new guys out to the club every year.  Without ARFs and RTF planes, the city would be installing soccer goals on Hawk Field.

  Posted by:  bigedmustafa on November 30 2005

Off topic..sorry!

The following is my cut and paste from my post on "Has RCM Folded" (all are welcome to their polite opinion):

Well..Just started an M.A.N. subscription..got to support the remaining big mag (no I don't know a soul in that organization)! I saw from a copy for Jan. that Art Schroeder passed . My first non happy Icon ever used on RCU. As I write this I also got my spankin' new AMA license (haven't renewed the last few years: my BAD), I have to say they do a lot for us. 155,000 members they say in their nice included pamphlet; there are twice that many members of RCU alone so we're not doing well supporting the one organization that fights for our priveledge to fly anything! This is the cheapest, and most important money we spend each year, and their magazine is the finest. You get insurance, great publication, and you support the health of our activity. That's my bandwagon..Ha Ha I hope I didn't over state my case!

  Posted by:  Riddle4U on December 10 2007

Now..On topic

Ram-Bro I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I just read a few things in the Jan. Model Airplane News, and they (a reader in editorial) refer to building a "kit"; Ha Ha .. they were referring to assembling an ARF!! I remember when building kits (real ones), was slightly poo pooed by the experienced modelers who scratch built from their own plans or others. Just building from a kit (real one) was being lazy then!. However, one of the recent posts here supports my more optimistic view (as I posted above here). I agree with "bigedmustafa" that it is a great entry, for all the reasons he (and I) gave. The magazines and manufacturers need to respect the great building aspect of this hobby though. How long before we have to pay extra for pygmies on a remote island to let us build our own (with BALSA not cheap lite-ply)!! LOL :)  -Riddle4U  

Ram-Bro..I sympathize on yer Royal kit having to languish now. Who wants to spend hours hand crafting something (which would be higher quality), only to have people assume you bought it that way. I used to bring my planes to the field and the comments were nicely taken on my carefully built model...now..?

  Posted by:  Riddle4U on December 10 2007

New project
Hi Rambro, hard to get blogs going here. I have chatted with Dionysus Bachus (well you know), I think I'm going with blown up 1/6th Royal plans on a top notch Corsair. This'll probably be a 1 1/2 or 2 year project. I think I'm going to throw a small TF Corsair together this winter for sportsman scale. I can experiment with paints, detailing, e.t.c. for a serious project, and also have something to tune up my scale flying skills. It'll be done as the XF-4U (yellow prototype), with the birdcage canopy. I'm going to cheat and try to use the TF P-47 canopy (birdcage). I need to find new paints since RS Perfect is gone now. I looked at Tom Peirce's build and don't like the rough, "orange-pealish"  finish he got with house paint (nice color mixing though). Maybe just some adjustment on thinning or plasticizer with the latex? It is an appealing thought still. Let me know on the model master stuff, what'ya gotta buy fifty bottles of the stuff? You could build a full scale kitplane for that cost...Ha ha!-best regards-Eric
  Posted by:  Riddle4U on January 24 2008

New project
Thanks Rambro. Good idea with the P-51B canopy. The "47 birdcage" is
pointy in front. The P-51B has a rounder front. Does TF make that canopy
in the .60 scale? I kinda just wanna make a nice flier that I can also
test out some techniques without worrying about ruining with a failed
choice of paint. My Zero was done with the old Dan Parsons .06oz. cloth.
The .075 oz. available now is a bit heavier unfortunately. I want to
practice more with painted markings and weathering before I might wreck
the "grander" project. I think I'll try the latex on it (cheap). If you
find .06 oz. cloth anywhere let me know, that was great stuff! -Eric
p.s. sorry to wreck the thread (no one seems to create or read 'em
anyway..ha ha).
  Posted by:  Riddle4U on January 24 2008

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