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Rochester, NY
June 2008
R/C Trading Plus
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November 3, 2010 - Season comes to an end
It's been several months since my last blog entry. Overall, I didn't accomplish any of the things I set out to do since my past entry. Downer.

Gained weight and stopped going to Ballys.

Never entered a meaningful pattern contest nor did I practice it enough. Besides that I crashed the Venus II and broke the fuse in half and damaged the wing.

Never built the Pulse XT, Electric Yak or Reactor, or Aeroworks Yak, nor did I repair the Showtime beyond mounting the gear back on and making it at least flyable.

Stopped training people as my weight prohibits me standing that long.

And I'm still out of work after 3 years now even though I apply to at least two jobs a week, and I'm selling my stuff slowly to make the bills.

Never did get the Sebart Wind S110E I wanted to.

I DID have some positives though.

I had over 100 flights on the Ultimate bipe. I have lost 4 pounds within the last 7 days at WW, which I restarted.

I'm repairing the Venus II. Purchased a new fuse and starting repairing the wing. Even purchased a new Venus II and OS Max 120 AX engine and am already building that one.  Now that I'm in building mode, I HOPE to keep going and build the Pulse, Reactor, two Yaks and do some repairs through the winter.

Added a General Interest page to the web site and continue to update the site daily, and have received a lot of compliments on the site.

Have kept up on my video work of flying events and captured a lot of footage of the June and Aug fun flies as well as the Oct picinic and Bath event, plus even got some video of my flying my Ultimate and some other people flying their planes.

Purchased a like new Four Star Sixty and installed a receiver and battery pack, and a new OS Max 91 Four Stroke and maidened it at Northampton.

Got the membership levels up slightly from last year for a high this year of 122 members.

Provided new photo id membership cards to all members.

Helped get the club bylaws and noise policies updated and volunteered to make up a new peg/sign board for Northampton.

Well that's about it for now. Hopefully a more positive entry next time.

  Posted by:  cappaj1 on November 03 2010
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June 2, 2010 - Training others, Pattern prep
It's been a month since my last blog entry and quite a bit has happened since then.

First, yesterday was my second official day of this season training others. I trained three people, two young kids and one of their dads, using the club's LT-40 and all went well. A real feeling of satisfaction occurs when you help others and see them get the bug and possibly continue in this great hobby.

Second, I've flown some of the Sportsman routine with the Venus II. Last weekend, there was a pattern primer at East Bethany NY held by Ken Velez and some other guys who fly the Masters level, and they chaulked out the box and put up posts as guides, trimmed out our planes for us and demonstrated the Sportsman's level a couple times. I flew once and due to high winds and having to leave for a family gathering didn't fly the sequence. Since then I've practiced it a couple times at Northmapton and plan on trying again a couple times this week. If all goes well, I'll at the very least visit the Canandaigua event this weekend to observe and videotape, and possibly even fly on Sunday.

Third, I may order and build a Sebart Wind 110 in the next couple weeks, if all goes well financially. I'll post my progress on that one if it happens.

Fourth, I've been handling the club's website fairly well over the last couple weeks, updating the Hangar Talk page daily with new videos; adding a new drop down menu setup to the main page, and adding other news, video clips and slide shows as events occur from day to day.

Fifth, our Northampton field is coming along nicely for the upcoming June Fun Fly. Our parking lot area has been doubled in size, the new area covered with gravel. We've moved the shed from the area between the parking lot and spectator area to the west end of the pit area for easy access and a more wide open spectator area. We've moved the steel container from the same area the shed was in to the south end of the new parking lot area.   We've mowed the runways and surrounding areas and the whole area has a manicured look to it right now! Very nice indeed.  A lot of volunteer work has gone into the efforts there and everyone's help is appreciated. If the weather cooperates our June and August Fun Fly's should be a hit this year.

Sixth, my Showtime is looking the worse for wear. The cowl under the engine is cut up from using the fuel valve underneath, the landing gear tore off again, and the covering is starting to bubble and come off in some areas. The landing gear area needs beefing up and the plane needs some tender loving care to get back in shape again, which I'll do soon.

Seventh, I still have to build the electric Yak and Reactor bipe, as well as the Pulse XT and Aeroworks Yak. 

Seventh, I completed building my first combat plane finally, and flew it for the first time Monday night this week. I hope to start my combat flying 'career' this coming Monday at Hasman.  That should be fun and make me a better flyer at the same time!

Eighth, I lost six and a half pounds at Weight Watchers last week. I weigh in again tonight and am hoping for another loss. Even with that and working out at Bally's on a regular basis, albeit just using the treadmill for ten minutes each time along with a few moderate exercises and stair stepping, I feel very sluggish and short of breath after carrying my planes to the pits each time. A recent angiogram showed no blockages and a recent Endoscopy was okay as well so I need to keep my progress at weight loss and diet has to improve soon if I'm to get healthy again as well as be ready to hike the grounds at Oshkosh in a couple months. I'll report my progress in a subsequent post.

Well that's it' for now, until next time, happy flying everyone!!

  Posted by:  cappaj1 on June 02 2010
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May 6, 2010 - First Training Night, Website transition, etc.
It's been almost a month since my last blog entry and I've been fairly busy since then.

First, I've visited Hasman a couple times and flew the Showtime. The last time though, I landed at the apex of the junction of the N/S and E/W runways and hit the little hump there, tearing off the landing gear.  I've since epoxied the gear and mount back in place, covered the holes in the bottom of the wings from the wheel pants punctures, and have it ready to fly again, but it's been too windy to get it in the sky.
Hopefully, Friday will be the day, if the weather reports are correct.

I've been wanting to get into pattern flying for a while but I'm so rusty that I don't know if I'll be able to start practicing in time to get enough skill to even enter by the first event of the season.  I've yet to even complete the sportsman routine once other than on the sim and so I'll really have to put an effort in in order to come up to speed quick enough where I can enter.

I still haven't started the Aeroworks Yak, Maxford USA Yak, Great Planes Reactor Bipe, or combat plane.  Also have to return the 120/4s from the Venus II which I'll use for pattern, as it tops out at 7000rpm and makes a grinding noise when turned over by hand. Whew! A lot of untied rc knots, that's for sure.

Since my last post I've gotten the video card replacement and new router, SSD hard drive, network hard drive and display port adapter/third monitor and have my pc running up to speed!  Yeah baby! The SSD is a lot faster but has hesitated a few times, seemingly something to do with the solid state. I also don't like the new top rated router at all and think I'll return it. Overall though, the pc is really cool and should be a screamer for a few years to go, or so I hope anyway.

Tuesday the 4th was the first official training night of the season, but the winds were up to 15mph with gusts beyond that, and the two trainees that showed up with a plane decided not to fly. Only Ed, with his own trainer, took a shot and had one, nail biting, flight with a successful but hairy take off and a landing which he greased on a lull in the wind.  There were some very unusual sky formations which I caught on video at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70u12l3bKLU

I plan on attending Oshkosh again this year and it's getting closer so I've got to get going with the diet so I can walk the long treks necessary to get around. Tickets are purchased; just need to pick up a new tent for the three to four day visit there, followed by a drive to Vegas with another few nights there in the classiest joint on the strip, the Wynn.

Oh yes, the diet. I've been slowly GAINING weight instead of losing it and it's taken it's toll. I'll have to buckle down soon as I'm now at the heaviest weight I've been at for several years, if not for all time.  And to think, I was down 35 pounds at the end of the season last year; if I had continued by now I'd be 50 to 60 pounds down but instead I've gained it all back and more. Really disappointed at myself.

Well, I've officially started doing the club's website as my good friend Bob, who has been doing it for many years, handed the reigns over to me last week. I thank him for all his efforts over the years and also for his kind and generous actions in transitioning the site over to me! www.rccr1957.com is going to remain a viable, informative rc site I hope and I've already started to make some cosmetic changes to the site in the last few days attempting to give it a more modern and exciting look. Only time will tell if it's well received. I think I'm taking it too seriously for now but that's how it goes with me - when I get into something new I usually go full speed ahead. I hope I get some favorable comments from club members and others and will continue to try and improve the site with things like drop down menus, a uniform header and footer section throughout the site, maybe a form for submitting renewals with paypal payment option, a chat section, etc. We'll have to see if it all pans out.

Well, I've rambled long enough, that's it for now. Happy flying to all, until next time.....
  Posted by:  cappaj1 on May 06 2010 | Edited  May 06 2010
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Northampton Open; Updates to PC; club website
As of April 16th, Northampton has opened it's gates for the season! Flew there a couple times, with the BF109 and with the LT40. Also flew the 109 at Hasman a couple times. Planning on getting the Showtime out today and flying that at Northampton; it may be a little windy according to the weather reports though.

I've replaced the HD4670 video card in my pc with a HD5850 which includes 1Gig of DDR5 ram!  The Videonics card was defective though and I've sent it back to newegg for a replacement which I'm still waiting for.  In the meantime I've sold the old video card, ordered a top rated wireless n four port router, a 2GB network hard drive, a third 23" monitor, an active display port adapter and a 128GB solid state hard drive to upgrade the system. Once I get my replacement video card I will add the third monitor, hook up the new router and external hard drive and have my buddy Bob for dinner soon to transition the club's website over to me, since he's leaving for a move to California soon.  The new system should scream with the solid state hard drive as it's already top of the line with an i7 processor, 12 gigs fast ram, 3 dvd burners (one blu-ray), five hard drives and triple boot setup offering Windows7, Vista64 or Ubuntu.  After I get it running I'll put up a new video of my visit to Toledo.

Produced a promo video for the club and showed it at the last meeting. It's gotten favorable comments thus far. Hopefully it'll bring in a new member or two this season.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time...
  Posted by:  cappaj1 on April 21 2010
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First flights for 2010
I flew my Parkzone BF109 yesterday and today at the Hasman field. Need to order a couple more 1800mah lipos so I can fly multiple times without recharging.  The little electric is fun to fly but doesn't thrill like the bigger lanes. I'm itching for Northampton to open which should be in a couple weeks.

Adopted a new RCC photo membership card for the club and have been mailing those out to renewals and new members for 2010. So far the club is at about 95 members, about on par with last season, which was considered a good one for memberships.

A couple of the members from last year passed away. Pete and Jack will be missed.

Four or five new members have already joined with more pending!

Still have to assemble the Aeroworks 72" Yak, Great Planes electric Reactor bipe, Maxford USA electric Yak, and Pulse XT.

That's it for now; until next time.  Happy flying, All!
  Posted by:  cappaj1 on April 03 2010
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