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sumo mods/upgrades


Old 12-31-2016, 01:32 PM
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Default sumo mods/upgrades

I ran my nitro today, and there was snow... running only on a shoveled driveway is no fun, and I just had to go in the snow and slush. The whole thing is now soaked including the airfilter (thankfully only on the outside)... My larger planes won't takeoff from snow very well either...

So back to the indoor quads and the sumo. I know that there is tons of threads on these, but none seem to anwser my questions.

First, anyone know of any cheaper metal steering knuckles? These break often, and redcats aluminum version costs more than the car. Maybe a large bumper? I tried making one, but decided it was too ugly. Banggood has metal gears for some hbx car that are identiclal to the sumos gears, but the steering knuckls on that car don't look the same.

I also partially smoked the rx/esc. No idea how, but it only has 5 meters of range, which isn't really enough. Instead of buying a new board, I could just by a esc and receiver. Anyone know how many amps is needed? seems like 10 shoud be enough. Lipo compatibility wuld be nice, but probably not much of a option with the stock motor. Are there any brushless combos that will fit?

The steering is VERY sloppy. When I hit something, it gets knocked out of trim. The trim is often not enough to correct this, so I have to push the wheels to get it where it should be. I will take a look if its in the setup or the servo. Anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for any help, Hubert
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Old 03-10-2017, 09:09 PM
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I know this is old, but I recently had issues with my Sumo as well. Same problems your describing. Turned out to be my PCB.
Instead of just replacing it I've upgraded to LiPo.
If your still around I have pictures of the build and parts I used.
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