We are flying more and more 2.4 radio gear lately and I like it. Here is my question. I fly with a 1990's Futaba Tx on 72 and it is a great Tx. It is a 6 ch. I do a bit of flying with it using an anylink for 2.4 flight packs. Since we are flying smaller and smaller stuff these days I am in need of a very small Rx and servos that will work with the Anylink.. The Tx precedes the FHSS and FAST stuff. The anylink works fine to fly our little Flyzone stuff and other 2.4 planes but we are scratch building some small stuff these days and I would like to know what tiny flight pack would serve us best with that Tx. I don't care if it is Futaba or not as long as it is tiny. There is so much gear on the market these days that finding good gear that is correct is a challenge. Price is a consideration but not a limiting factor in the long run. I like the Tx so I would hate to change. I know that the flight battery makes a big difference in the weight so some suggestions there would be appreciated also. We have been flying since the old reed days(anybody remember that stuff???)so there have been a few transitions since. I have posted this on the radio gear portion of RCU and I thought I would hit you teeny tiny fliers up also. I have learned a lot from you folks in the last few years. I thought I knew it all but am consistently surprised with what I glean from the 1/2A and 1/8A people. Thanks gang!!