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ASP AP09A Engine Mounting Dimensions?

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Default ASP AP09A Engine Mounting Dimensions?

I am trying to find this engine's mounting dimensions, length and height.
Can someone please help?
I want to see if it would fit a small Piper Super Cruiser but my search for this data has so far yielded nothing...
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some RCU members who own them.
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I like mine. The exh. is a bit restrictive so I made a new stinger for it that is a bit bigger. 6mm It idles ok, but doesn't recover well near full throttle. Maybe because of that. The power is fine, 16,900 (no muffler and 15,200 with one. The opened muffler was 16,100) with a 7-4" thin blade MA prop just slightly better than a Cox TD .09 with no muffler, maybe 1,000 less than an OS LA .10 which is bigger I suppose too. If I was me, I would get the .15 AP (just got another one) because it is the same size and weight and is more power. It is just a bigger piston and has bigger head fins. It needs the muffler bored out as it is restrictive for a .15 (.135 really) The muffler is in the back if you use it. It needs a longer mount if you are using a plastic one. Length is about 2.3" plus another .510" for the muffler. overall 2.925" to the thrust washer. Height from the c/l of the crank to the top of the head is about 1.64" . width of case is .952" 'inside' and overall is 1.44" Fin dia. is 1.105" as is the head. The .15 head has fins and sits higher and has bigger dia. fins. Overall height is 2.113" for the .09. The bolt spacing is 1.193 wide by .455" front to back. There isn't much info on them. The big monster motors are more popular lately. The AP .06, 09, and.15 aren't big sellers. Not much profit on a $30 motor. Good value compared to say a Cox and has a throttle and muffler which is nice.

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Thank You aspeed, this is very helpfull !
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