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Norvel .061's

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Default Norvel .061's

Looks like a good deal here for a couple of NIB AME .061's - http://www.rcuniverse.com/market/item.cfm?itemId=953934

I am strongly resisting the urge to add more engines to my 1/2A collection..

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That is a REAALLY good price for the .061's.... AME's were $80 a pop 5 years ago. I know because I bought quite a few. I'm around 40 engines total in the Norvel .061/.049 sizes. I need to thin the herd but man it's hard to part with toys that are paid for!
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It's money in the bank as long as you know you will always use them and get enjoyment from them.
There's also the "collector aspect"...but too many of those die with massive collections that become flotsam and jetsam after they die.
I still think a single $180 FORA .061 is a better value ...I ran mine for 7 years with hundreds of flights and never had the backplate off of it. I ended up trading it while it was still strong for a RC version Valentin Aloshkin
.049 and blew that thing up [it died at 100 mph at least] the first year that I owned it.
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I would be more interested if they were the bolt on carb versions, then its easy to swap between rc and cl. I still have a good stock of nib ame motors as well as a couple big migs and 74s. Plus the 5 I have flying. The 061 is such a great do all motor for rc. My tds sit in boxes but I still fly my medallions all the time. For someone getting into 1/2a they should buy the lot. The dragonfly is a nice little motor. Not a powerhouse but good and reliable. I still keep a few black widows for the same reason. My go to reedie as they give me the least trouble. But in the end the norvels get the most flight time.
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That IS a good price. certainly as a Two for .
Although New 061's are $65
But some are seemingly willing to pay astoundingly silly prices for anything COX.
Here is it's being thrown in for $15
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