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    Assembly & first flight of .09 Enya powered AeroWorks profile Extra

    Nearly a couple of months ago, a member inquired (Electric-to-Glow forum)
    about the possibility of converting the small AeroWorks Extra or Sukhoi. I
    went to the site, took a look, & ordered both. The Sukhoi was gonna get a
    Norvel .074 for power, and the Extra would have a Enya .09 installed. After
    receiving the items, I opened the Sukhoi first. It was obvious I was not
    the first owner. The plastic bag (for the fuse) was tore open. Checked that
    item, and noticed that the fuse was bent (warped) so bad that if laid flat
    on he table, each end was at least a quarter inch from the surface of the
    table. I supported each end on top of two small boxes, & weighted the
    middle with ; a 3 lb battery charger, a 3/8 " socket/ratchet set on top of
    that, and a 3/8 drill battery pack on top of that. It still sits that way
    today. The Extra was a little better. All parts were still inside their
    sealed plastic bags. Opened the bag for the wing, and I noticed that it
    (the wing) had a couple of patches on it. I'm now starting to change my
    mind 'bout the image I had of AeroWorks. ......... Anyhow, I opened up the
    motor notch so that I would have enough space for a couple of pieces of 3/8
    " square, bass wood (engine mounts). once the glue dried, added a couple
    (one on each side) of 1/16" birch ply doublers. Actually, this was the only
    mod that the plane underwent. After this, I slapped the rest of the pieces
    together. ..................As usual, other than the page with the CG &
    throws listed, best to throw the rest of the manual away. The first thing
    listed was the installation of the wing. (I just have to wonder if the guy
    who wrote this ever tried to follow his own instructions during an
    assembly) Actually the wing is 'bout the last thing that you'd want to
    install. Remember, the wing is glued in place. Once it's there, IT'S THERE
    !!! Much easier to install elev. servo, rudder servo, one aileron &
    respective servo, engine, fuel tank, & throttle servo, & the servo
    extensions for the tail feather servos before even thinking 'bout the wing.
    Following instructions will double your building time. Worst part of the
    build was trying to fish the tail feather servo extensions through the
    fuse. Massive obstructions.!!! I even wrapped taped around the string &
    plug to give a pointed leading edge. Finally ended up putting a very short
    90 at the end of a length of piano wire & rodding the passageway out. This
    was so painstaking that I considered hooking up the drill to the piano wire
    & "let 'er rip". Probably would have been catastrophic.!!! Looking back
    (hindsight), best way would have been to get a long extension, cut the plug
    off one end, & solder as necessary when in place. .................... AT
    THE FIELD. .....A little concerned; even though I take some time (& pain)
    to mechanically get all the servos & their respective control surfaces
    dead-on without any electronic trim, I like to have another member standing
    by, to trim the model out during the first flight. Well, nobody else at the
    field. I grab the transmitter, go to DUAL RATES, & cut down the gain on the
    low rates even further than I had it. Then go to the trim gain & increase
    it by 100 %. Even though the Enya had been sitting in a drawer for several
    years, it fired right up. Let it warm up a bit, tweek the hi-speed needle a
    tad, & place on the runway. The take-off, flight, & landing can be
    described as so;.......... "Beautiful, Just Plum F***ing Beautiful". 1st;,
    take-off was sweet. Had to use a bit of rudder, but expected that, with
    that goofy wire landing gear. 2nd Once in the air, the plane was "on
    rails". Absolutely no trim was needed; not even one click on any control
    surface. (That's a first for me).Beautiful loops & rolls & more than ample
    power. I always use a 7x4 prop on the Enya .09, but here, I was concerned
    'bout the big wing, and the fuel tank, battery, & exposed engine hanging
    off the side of the profile fuse adding a load of drag., so I bolted on an
    8x3. My concerns were unfounded. The 8x3 hauled the plane around as fast as
    I remember any other plane with a 7x4.It did not have unlimited verticle,
    but these ancient eyes were straining when gravity won out. (The 20 OZ dry
    weight sure don't hurt anything either. Landing was a non-event. Nice
    predictable glide, no sign of tip stall as the air speed got low. 2nd
    flight was 'bout the same, 'cept that I was a bit more daring. About a min.
    into the third flight, I lost throttle control. I'm trying to remember if I
    went through everything twice; keepers, servo arm bolt, etc... Well, it
    takes the little Enya 'bout a day & a half to burn 2 1/2 OZs of fuel with
    the throttle at less that 50%. Lucky, no wind, & no problem keeping the
    plane under control. Dead Stick was another non-issue. Turns out that
    nothing broke/fell off. The carb barrel valve was seized. Took it apart
    after the drive back home. The barrel was all rust coated. Wonder how it
    moved for the linkage set up, & for the first couple of flights.
    ............................ Well, by now I'm sure that I've got all of you
    half bored to death, so I'll sigh off............... if I can figure out
    how to attach some pics, I'll do so. ..................... Happy flying.
    .......................... George K

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    I'd have sent it back in the first place. Too much work for a piece of crap!!!!!
    Steve Westphal

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