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Default Avi-kaboom!!!!

Tumbleweed strikes again.
So there I was... it was pandalerium!!!! The wind sock completely extended. Forecasted winds of 10-15 mph. "What the heck I'll get out to field pretty early so the wind wont be THAT bad" I replaced the prop on my Avistar that i had broke the last time out during a rough landing just short of someones fence. Start of the engine and lean her out a little. Begin the roll on throttle, about 20 feet out begin rotation. She lifts of and catches a pretty strong upwind out of nowhere. She almost comes over the top, a whole lot of down pressure on the elevator and she's back flying level. Hit the left crosswind leg and then the downwind. About mid field start a circle climbing pattern. No one else at the field so no need to stay away from the tarmac. At about 500 ft. I start to play a couple of low high-speed passes. A loop here a couple of rolls there. Upon getting a little over zealous I thought I would come around to the far side of the field and buzz the tree line. Well that's when it all went down hill. I had been having some problems with her rolling to the left so I trimmed all the way right aileron. This may have had something to do with it. Anyways so I'm just in front of the tree line and it must have been the wind that was forcing her to the left (the reason for the trim) but she rolls right. Now she's pointed straight for the trees. I roll left and pull straight back but it's too late. The prop strikes a limb and now I'm dead sticking it with a 60 degree bank to the left and 20 feet above the ground only going about 4 mph with a wind of 15. I just closed my eyes and hit hard right and full back. NOT THE BEST THING TO DO. I opened my eyes just before impact. So anyone want the left side of the wing for an avistar. Cause the right is completely disintergrated. Not much damage to the fuselage. Thank god. But I just know I'm gonna have to scrap up a wing. I'll post some pics.

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