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meowy84 01-15-2005 05:25 PM

Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
I finally looked at the Hitec (Focus and Neon) line of single-stick park flyer radios at my LHS today. They fit my hand very well and leave the other hand free to hand launch. I recently bought the JLine Quattro with a 7 channel mini receiver and 4 standard servos which I haven't used yet but for some odd reason I really like the way the Hitec feels. I'm a newbie to planes and so will only be doing the rudder, elevetor and throttle thing for the foreseeable future and will leave the ailerons for way later. I have a selection of small engines that I plan on eventually building planes for including several Cox .049 reedies, an Enya .09, O.S. .10 and .15, Enya .15, and O.S. .25 and the like. Anyways, MY QUESTION IS THIS: Is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to use the Hitec single stick radio (whether I end up with the AM Focus or FM Neon) for planes with larger engines even up to .25? I know the throttle on the Hitec is a ratcheting one but I thought I read somewhere that some have somehow disabled the ratcheting mechanism and changed it to a regular slide action.

mclintock 01-15-2005 09:13 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
I think you can fly any size you want three channel. Maybe money better spent would be some servos and another rx to us with the jr, like berg or whatever little rx. I have several transmitters and keeping the ni-cad batteries alive in all of them is a bit of a chore.
On the other hand, it is good to have at least two different channels to choose from so you have a better chance of flying at the club field, and since it's 'wrong' to change crystals in the US, you gotta have multiple tx.

meowy84 01-15-2005 09:31 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
I dunno what it is but I prefer the regular 8AAs in the removable tray instead of the rechargeable single packs (probably a vestigial preference left over from r/c cars). The JR unfortunately has those dreaded rechargeables. As for getting another Rx and servos for the JR , that might be a plan BUT again I just am in love with the way the little Hitec feels in my hand (I think it will make me an ace pilot...LOL j/k).

BMatthews 01-16-2005 02:51 AM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
You may as well get used to rechargables. It's the choice for the airborne packs and so it just follows that you may as well use them for the TX as well.

Frankly I'm the opposite. The thought of 8 cells in there with all those simple pressure mechanical contacts all oxidizing and just aching to break contact and shoot my model down has me waking at nights in a cold sweat and screaming. Guess it's all about where you come from.

If you're willing to hand launch there's no reason you can't fly aileron and elevator with throttle in models up to 25 size. Look at RC combat. Not a rudder in sight. And no one is going to call those models boring.

I know what you mean about how the TX fits your hands. I once bought a Futaba set on sale with the big fat gold ano metal case. It was super thick compared to their plastic case radios and I never got comfy with it for that reason. I sold it and recognise that I like thin cases and won't ever buy a set that has a thick TX again.

Bipe Flyer 01-16-2005 03:29 AM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
It's like flying two channels for some of guys in our club because they don't use the rudder and the throttle is just an on/off switch.;)

I really prefer rechargeables to alkalines. My car radios use alkalines and it's a real pain to have to quit for the day then the batteries are dead.

meowy84 01-16-2005 04:46 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
BMatthews, good point about the oxidation and loose contacts, I hadn't considered that. I guess in cars/boats that's less of an issue because of a lesser chance of damage as compared to a plane doing a split second nose dive into the ground from a bad battery contact. The AA cells I guess are just an old habit, and you know what they say about old habits. Plus it doesn't help that I haven't been able to figure out how to remove the Tx battery from my Quattro radio. I don't want to yank on it and break the connector but gentle pulling doesn't seem to budge it...unless there's a tiny tab that I have to press for release. any ideas? (unfortunately I don't have the instructions for the radio and the downloadable version on Horizon's site is only for the Quattro Light which has the 8AA battery tray setup. *sigh*

Bipe Flyer, either way you have the downtime while charging batteries. When I used to run cars I bought rechargeable AA's and a remote charger so that saved on battery cost in the long run, but that still doesn't solve the possible loose connection issue (especially with planes).

Bipe Flyer 01-16-2005 05:01 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
You shouldn't need to remove the battery from your JR to charge it. There should be a charge jack on the radio.

I remember one guy at our field who had a trasmitter that used AA cells and had the elevator on the left and the rudder on the right. He wanted the controls switched, so he held the TX upside down. The batteries didn't make very good contact so we'd often see him shaking his transmitter, with the antenna between his legs, trying to get control of his plane. One day he didn't and the plane is still somewhere in the trees on the hill near our field.

I put rechargeables and charge jacks ino my car trasmitters.

mclintock 01-16-2005 06:34 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
The battery connector on the JR tx are a pain untill you've gotten one out before, then removing it is like riding a bike or something.
Just pulling on it can strain the frail little printed circuit on the tx side of things..
So what you do is look closely at the socket and note the little bumps on the male part, the part that is connected to the battery tray. You gotta pry the female socket outer part (between the male plug and the shell of the female socket) out a little using something like a jewler's screwdriver so those bumps can slide beneath the plastic on the female socket while you pull the wires. You can just fill the stock tray up with ni-cad batteries from walmart or similar and use a stock JR charger to charge.

One thing I noticed with the jr tx, and other 'full sized' twin stick airplane transmitters is that a neck strap helps alot- 'specially if you are hand launching.

If you do get a hitec three channel, you may wanna spring for the FM version, because I think the only aftermarket small 72 mhz AM rx is the futaba 114h, which is a fine rx and works with the am hitec, or any other am tx, it's just getting hard to find anywhere but at Tower, for more than it should cost.

meowy84 01-16-2005 06:47 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
Bipe, I do have the charging jack for both the Tx and Rx battery but I'd just like to be able to know how to remove the Tx battery just in case I'd wanna get a replacement or if this one craps out [:o]. I just don't trust batteries...had too many car batteries strand me over the years to trust 'em. lol Again, this is the case of old psychological baggage and also of playing around with batteries that only took half a charge (on a used Futaba plane radio that I initially bought for example). In any case I'm what you might want to call a 'field man'...like in the Russian army you know...a slight exaggeration but the legend goes that one of Stalin's WWII design criteria for all army vehicles/tanks was to be able to repair the vehicle in the field with nothing but a hammer and a set of pliers....definitely not something that could have been said for German WWII machinery that had such a hard time in Russia when the cold came. I try to strive for simplicity....less to go wrong that way. heh heh

meowy84 01-16-2005 06:53 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
Clint, that's exactly what I was worried about: the little printed circuit that the connector is attached to. It's so fragile, just touching it with a finger gently makes it flex like paper. God forbid I open my case and the battery pack falls out yanking on the wire *ouch*. I bet the circuit board is the weakest link and will be the first one to break! I wish I did have the stock tray so I could switch to AA's but my JR came from you guessed it theebay when a guy bought an RTF (which came with the Quattro setup) and wanted to use his own radio system instead.

Bipe Flyer 01-16-2005 07:02 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
Oh, I thought you wanted to remove it to recharge it. I've been using JR radios since 1993 and I can count on one hand how many times I've had to take the battery out. I replace the battery after a few years it and it doesn't get uplugged again until it needs to be replaced.

Bipe Flyer 01-16-2005 07:08 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
Here's a link to the JR Quattro manual.


meowy84 01-16-2005 07:08 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
Bipe, on my JR the plug is so tiny and such a pale white color that it's hard to tell that the battery even comes out at all. I was even fearing that it might be installed in there for good (for the life of the Tx). And since I plan on keeping the radio a while I wanted to make sure that I'd be able to unhook the plug if I needed to replace the battery at some point in the future.

meowy84 01-16-2005 07:14 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?
Bipe, thanks for the manual. :) I must have been doing something wrong because the only auattro manual I could find on the Horizon site was for the Auattro Light or something or other which looked like the identical radio but with the 8AA tray instead of the rechargeable Tx pack.

meowy84 01-16-2005 07:15 PM

RE: Using the Hitec single stick radio for .049 up to .25 plane?

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