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Default RE: ESM P47 Build

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hi all,
here are a couple of pictures of my Air Set up, it is all on the wing, no quick release cons, 2 less things to go wrong, it is the standard ESM retract system, Air up, Air Down, the tank is glued in with Natural Cure Silastic, I didnt use the supplied wheel wells, the wheels wouldnt go up properly, (for me) I found the wheels are very loose on the axles, still to fix that problem. I have a DLE 30 to go in as yet, obviously still a lot of tidy up and finish off to go.
cheers, Oldtimer.
I would be very interested in hearing how the DLE30 performs in this plane. Do you have some pictures of the set-up? I have a DLE55 myself in a CARF Yak55 2.1m and am very
happy with it.
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