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Default RE: My Cen GST Brushless conversion

Yes, the lack of a first gear clutch means that the one-way bearing of the first gear spur kicks in quite hard when pulling away from a stop. But the programmable smooth start from the Mamba Monster ESC solved this (mostly) and the pull-away is smoother now. Still haven't reached 3rd gear, but haven't hit 3rd with the nitro mill either. The presence of the complicated stock Cen gearbox means there is some gear noise and a lot of power is probably getting lost in the gearbox, but that must do for now. I will replace the old one-way with a new one and replace a few gearbox-bearings and she will be good for a lot of runs more. I use her only for bashing and not racing (anymore)...
I actually removed two of the front shocks to try and save weight and inserted some shock spacers to help cope with the weight of the electronics. For bashing she handles ok, but some tweaking would be needed if racing is intended.
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