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Default RE: ESM P47 Build

Hi all,
Did the maiden on mine today, then her sister, both flights went very well, set up is DLE 30, ESM retracts, prop is JXF 19 x 8, new engine, I ran about 1/2 a litre of fuel through it, the idle is good, 1700 top rpm is a bit over 7k. weight is a bit over 14 lbs, no lead, all batteries up behind the firewall, 2x2000mah 5 cell packs and 1x2000mah 4 cell for the engine. I used the supplied fuel tank, but I moved it back a bit on the tray.

heaps of power, heaps of speed, this is a very nice model to fly, went up high and did a stall test, no sign of wing drop, even with full flap and wheels down, even nice and easy to land, just keep a bit of power on, first landing was with half flap, second with full flap,

the book states about 135mm for C of G, mine turned out at about 130, the 25% rule would be about 105mm, anyone interested in a test flight on this model, DONT go any further than 130, in fact mine is marginal at that, ( very little down elev required when inverted, tends to keep flying level at the top of a loop ) they like a bit of Aileron travel, I flew on low rate Elevator, (about half an inch travel ) I like to use full sticks.

a very nice model, Cheers, Oldtimer
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