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Default RE: My Cen GST Brushless conversion

HI guys
I was going to do the same with a GST i have, but i turned out using a GSR in stead. Not so heavy as the GST because of the axles etc. I did fit a GST centerdiff inside the gearbox though - and i am using a Tekno clutch adaptor fitted to the engine, and driving the stock 2 speed GSR gearbox. Enginemount, engine cooler mount, ESC mount - sort of a hydralic mount with 2 small shock absorbers etc. are all homemade.
A 8 kg brake servo brakes with 4 GST disks. A 10 kg steering servo should handle the steering with the stock GSR wheels.
I am going for 2 pc 5000 amps 3S, which should be plenty for the 1800 kv Robitronic engine i have mounted.
I will post some pictures later - most likely tomorrow. Just need to figure out the "close up" abilities of my digi camera first :-)

A question for you Lomdel : I want to make the paralell battery connection as well. Can you get these Y connectors i see on the photo - or is it a home-made solution ?
Whats the square of the cabel you are using ?
What kind of effective driving time do you get out of the 2 x 5000 amps ?.

Tks buddy - and have a fantastic week-end

Best regards from freezing Denmark

Niels Vangsoe

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