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Default RE: longitudinal dihedral

in reply to Paul in the aerodynamic thread,I agree with you about WING incidence but the LD is not an angle compare to fuse ref. line but the angle between wing and elevator. Of course if the stabilizer is level with the fuse ref line, it gives you only the wing incidence. Now, imagine that the stab is NOT level with the ref line and I have a neg angle of 1° on the stab (which is what they recomand for the DG 1000 Fly-Fly -Jamara during test in French RC mag magazine) by shimming the back of the stab. I will induce an angle between wing and stab. That's the angle I need.
Taking the case of my Discus, I have all angles set at 0 (stabilizator, wing vs fuse ref line). If I shim the back of the stab, I will fly tail down, which I don't like but also increase the wing flying incidence which I might need.

In reply to Matt on the same thread, my Discus CS is the Fly-Fly / Jamara kit.No flaps, fixed stab but still possibility of shimming.
Looking to all books and website, the LD is the angle between wing and stab, not the fuse ref line.
Shimming the back of the stab change that angle. That's the angle I would like to know, to see what is best so that I could know the amount of shim I have to ad....if need!
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