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Default RE: Throttle cut for DX 7

By default, the Throttle Trim Lever is in fact assigned as the Throttle Trim Recovery (Pg 42 or the manual)(Spektrum's name for Throttle Cut). Once Throttle Recovery is enabled, in the System Menu, you follow the procedure outlined below:

1) With the engine running, set the Thottle Trim to the Idle position

2) When you want to Kill the engine, hold the Throttle Trim Lever down, until the Trim reaches Zero, without letting go of the Throttle Trim Lever. The engine will stop.

3) If you then push the Throttle Trim Lever up for half a second, the Throttle Trim will return to the Idle position you originally set

Many people do not like this method as it is Time Consuming and it is easy to let go of the Throttle Trim Lever and change the Idle Position set earlier.

Fortunately, the Programmable Mixers, that come with the DX7 programming, can be used to Assign a Switch to immediately Kill the engine with a flip of a switch. Most RC Radio Manuals do not cover the various uses of Programmable Mixers so you are left to your imagination as to how to use them to solve a problem like this.

All the OP wanted to know was if he could Assign Throttle Cut to the Trainer Switch. I explained to him how to do it.

You decided to pick this thread to talk about Software Switches, which have no relevance to the topic. Then, as usual, you went on the defense, to explain how you were not wrong.

Have a nice day!!
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