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Default RE: nose length?

ORIGINAL: flybyjohn

......If a plane is known to come out tail heavy, is it acceptable to cut the nose of the plane shorter to balance the model ?......

Errr.... you got that backwards. A tail heavy model needs to have the nose be made LONGER to get it to balance in order to avoid having to add unwanted nose weight.

In terms of how this all affects the model for flying if by some chance a model comes out nose heavy then shortening the nose instead of adding tail weight means that you're both keeping the ends of the model lighter as well as slightly shortening the moments. So making the nose shorter without needing to add nose weight means that the rotational mass moments are smaller so the model will rotate in pitch quicker for a given elevator deflection. Alternately making the nose longer makes the inertia moments higher so the model will be less "perky" in response to elevator in puts.

But all in all you'd have to have a really keen eye to see these changes or be a high placing precision aerobatics pilot or judge with a keen eye for what to look for in terms of overshoot wobble in pitching maneuvers and other things. On the whole if a model isn't a scale design and it needs a big hunk of nose weight to balance then making the nose longer to lose most or all of that nose weight generally is a good thing that has only minor bad side effects that most would not notice unless the increase in nose length was taken to extremes.
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