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Default RE: The Tanker's Lounge

Know the feeling Panther F:

Another heat wave this week, ~plus~ humidity. 28c today, 39c after ya add the 'dex. Too freakin' hot for me. This whole week is gonna be a write off, as I'll be too flaked to do anything but cool shower and sleep after 10 hours in a car. At least when we're rolling, Idjit insists on using the A/C, and to hell with the mileage. Dun look good for a salesman to be sweatin', now does it?


Hope ya can make a friend at the 'depot/dump' and get us some nice close-ups. Ain't there a name on that sign on the fence? Tried lookin' them up in the phone book? Worth a shot... and bringin' the ~expensive~ R/C's tends to say more " I'm a modeler in search of detailing/research material " than a " I'm a nutcase/terrorist/whatever in search of a heavy metal beast to go on a rampage with! "

Doesn't it?

- off for ~another~ cool shower...
( no lawn/backyard w/ sprinkler/kiddie-pool, sadly)

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