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Default RE: Rhino fuel/oil ratio

ORIGINAL: storrie23


Manual states 2.5% oil ratio. That is 1/2 quart per 5 gallons of kero or Jet A. If using Mobil DTE lite, the ratio is 5% or one quart to 5 gallons. We have tested and use BP 2180 and 2197. Any purpose mfg, turbine oil is acceptable. We have no knowledge of royco 500.

This requirement is for all turbines we manufacture with exception of the Turbo Prop which requires 5 % or one quart to 5 gallons of kero or Jet A

If using Jet A, no need for prist. . .waste of money and serves no purpose.

Thanks for the question

Royco 500 is the oil used and recommended in the full size L-39 engine, the Russians recommend it to be used in the AT-25 turbine.

I Don't own either one !!!..... I'll use DTE Light 5%, thank you very much.. There's never a Russian around when you need one !!!!

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