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Default RE: Official Losi 26cc 5IVE-T Thread

About time!  Although I really dislike the short course trucks, I'm sure the aftermarket will have different style bodies (or body sections.  A+ Losi) available within a few months that won't rub when using baja b or t sized tires and/or kits to make it an mt or buggy.  Don't think they or aftermarket companies they're close to didn't already have optional parts in mind when they decided what design to release.  The aftermarket for bajas is too huge for them not to have.

I'd like to see more disassembly pics, especially of the drivetrain.  Mainly the diffs and what it takes to service them.  I absolutely HATE doing a baja diff.  I'm diggin what part of the brake set up I can see and the clutch.

I WILL buy one after the first or second production runs are out and the kinks get found.  If I hadn't just bought another baja a few weeks ago I'd go ahead and be a first run guinea pig. 

A+ to Hostile too for using smugmug as their hosting site.  They are by far the best.
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