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Default RE: Official Losi 26cc 5IVE-T Thread

Team Associated SC8 and Losi 5ive - T Rollcage

SC8 Rollcage

Losi 5ive -T Rollcage

Similiarities between the two short course trucks.

Losi took the roll cage idea a step further by being able to take off individual panels when they need to be replaced. A 4 piece body. As stated on the Losi site. I like this idea. This will save tons of money instead of replacing whole body's. The Losi rollcage extends all the way to the back in full form even including the mud flaps. I think this will strengthen the truck's integrity even more. One thing I do like on the SC8 is the inner guard behind the front wheels is a one piece deal. Team Associated cleverly design it so that there is a gap to allow enough air to get thru to the engine. I think it would keep the dirt out better than just Losi's 2 piece square's, but I think Losi bypass this idea to get as much air going back to the engine. A possible inner net ( maybe a stocking or some fine holed material that is tough that lets air go thru ) might be a good idea, as long as air cooling gets thru. ( Albiet an air cooled engine doesn't need as much cooling as a nitro engine ) when the 5ive-T is running and the front wheels are turning ( or locked & turning ) the grud can come into the inner tray. A custom cut square net glued on the inside of the rollcage going across one square dirt guard to the other will as much as possible keep the dirt out. Mud, grit, and chunks of whatever going onto the inside chassis. At least it will keep big stuff out.
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