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Default RE: Official Losi 26cc 5IVE-T Thread

Because if your 1:1 cars made the same power to weight (sic: torque to weight) as an RC car they'd do 500mph.

About your CEN, we are still not talking about the same torque steer effect.

This is a well known and observed facet of RC, why do you think all serious on road cars are belt driven and the engines are mounted so they rotate with the direction of travel? Torque steer is not the only reason, but it is one of the factors.

PS. You're wrong about crawers too. All geared axle shaft driven crawlers have torque roll, you can't get away from it. Only by having the motors on the axles can it be eliminated. Even worm drives suffer from it but to a much lesser degree. Yes it's called torque roll on crawers, but what effect do you suppose this has on much faster cars? That's right, it causes them to favor one side.
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