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Default RE: Official Losi 26cc 5IVE-T Thread


Just try it. Convert your flux to RWD and nail the gas. I guarantee you it won't torquesteer anymore. Convert it to FWD and it will be the NASCAR special.

Torque roll is not torque steer, and it will only cause the vehicle to change direction if the front end is a load of crap...and will manifest RWD, FWD or AWD.
1. My Flux's front wheels are off the ground when accelerating and I'm not turning them anyway. If I made it rwd, the effect I refer to would be WORSE.

2. The effect I refer to would not happen at all on a front wheel drive car, no shaft.

3. You are still talking about a different effect, you haven't understood what I'm talking about.

I'm not gonna bash my head against the wall arguing with you about this anymore. It's getting off topic.

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