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Default RE: Official Losi 26cc 5IVE-T Thread


Some people call this effect torque steer, rightly or wrongly. It's certainly not called torque roll either except the effect observed in crawlers. If anyone does know what its called, feel free to shout.

EDIT: Ah, moo posted it above, torque effect. Thanks mate.

SRT, correct it's all in the diffs, but to eliminate it completely, is impossible and the more torque the bigger the problem. Gas engines have quite some torque, I'd be amazed if this effect isn't noticeable on the losi, but I'm prepared to be wrong.
I'm just going to jump out an say we wont see much of anything with this Torque steer roll whatever they call it...
and it can be eliminated with proper setup.. if not you could not race 1:1 scale very well at all
and if I'm wrong that's guna suck cuz everone who gets this bad boy is going to all have issues with it.. []
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