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Default RE: ParkZone Spitfire Mk IX !!!

Hi there guys,

I have a wonderful time at my one of my RC Clubs in Central Florida known as Moon Port Modelers RC in Titusville, Florida and near the Space Center. Lots of people and it looked like a Fun Fly but, it was lots of new members and the Northern Birds are coming back down for the winter.

I was able to fly my Spit in the early morning hours before the wind came up and those there were just amazed how well it flew and they Loved the Retracts.

As I was flying, the wind picked up and I did not noticed as the model tracked very well and I commanded to perform all kinds of "Scale" moves and those there cheered, especially when I landed as there was a good amount of wind at the time.

Later in the early evening I came by for some more action and I had the entire RC Club to myself and took the time to take some pictures after flying my Spit for another two wonderful flights.

I did notice that the Right Retract was having trouble going inside the wheel well all the way and had to place the model upside down on one of the Model stands and I carefully took off the Side Strut plastic cover and with two pliers I bent back the "Pre-Bent Strut" so, the wheel NO longer made contact with the edge of the wheel well opening.

Other than the adjustment, all went as planned and it was a terrific day with great weather conditions.

Here are a few pictures from early evening before the Sun went to bed.

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