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Default RE: Fuel Barb Soldering Help Please!

I make my fuel tank tubes slightly longer than necessary. I solder one barb on, and then install the tubes into the tank stopper. I push the tubes all the way in so that the barbs are touching the stopper hardware. Then I clamp some hemostats on the tubing as a heat sink, and solder on the other barbs. I use thin rosin core solder, and I clean the tube and barb with a drop of muriatic acid first. They solder on in seconds, and the hemostat heat sink isn't really necessary. Careful you don't crush the tubing with the hemostats. You may not be able to close the hemostats all the way until they latch; and if not, just use a rubber band on the hemostats to give them enough tension to stay on the tube. Takes more time to write this than do it....

Also, I quit paying big bucks for the fuel barbs, I now use 1/8" compression ferrules from the hardware store. You can buy a handful of them for what one package of barbs costs.

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