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Default RE: Fuel Barb Soldering Help Please!

ORIGINAL: nonstoprc


ORIGINAL: MetallicaJunkie

i used to use barbs when i used conventional tanks... now i use threaded fitting that are barbed, and stopper free

barbs are a pain in the ass when it come time to change the stopper....
+1.....Stopper style tanks are old/hat....With the ''New''gasoline blends, it's ONLY a matter of time when your ''Stopper'' will fail & leak fuel all over the inside of your fuze....This is now the best way to set/up a ''Gasser'' fuel tank FWIW, I attend the ''Xtreme/Flight'' international competition event each year (as a spectator) this year I did a survey; could not find a SINGLE flier using the old style ''Stopper'' type fuel tanks....Just say'in........(& no, I have NO connections with ''PSP''...)
Interesting. What kind of water bottle is good for gas? The PSPMFG site does not mention it.

Ya....Just go to your local "Walmart" or equiv. & look in the bottled water aisle for "Fiji" water....comes in at least four sizes & all have a "Square" cross/section shape (Tough as nails...I've seen these things along/side the road, ran over & still not leaking).....FWIW, No need to buy the special "PSP" cap (although it will work just fine)....the "Fiji" cap is a "Non/Gasket design that uses a tapered lip wedge for sealing (I think most water bottles are of this type, but NOT any soda bottles that I've found)....The"Fiji" cap (no need to over tighten)& these fittings are all you need...a single barb for the vent & a double barb for the fuel supply (bottom of page) ....Again FWIW....
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