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Default RE: WHat makes this sport attractive?

For me, scale racing offers the most "complete package" of any form of competition I've encountered:
    [*]The Power . . . Not many wouldn't be impressed with the beautiful, powerful lines of a scale warbird (as compared to some of the other planes that many of you have previously commented on) . . . so "yes" the planes are a big part of it.[*]The Power (yeah, I'll say it again!). . .The sounds of those powerful YS engines reving , especially when two or more of them sync up will get me pretty psyched; and belching out smoke (I'm channelingApocolypse Now. . ."I LOVE the smell of [Nitro] in the morning!"[*]If you are a speed junkie, there's plenty to had. Bronze if you want to ease into it and feel comfortable; Silver and Gold will push your skills.[*]The level of competition[*]And the people are incredible. Now that we are in the off-season, I find I miss the people and quality of comraderie most of all (and all the good-natured ribbing and even the "smack-talk", too). I have truly come to love my time with those who have begun to regularly attend our races here in Sacramento. I can't wait to hang out with them when the season begins again in April; look forward to those I have yet to meet & welcome them to our fold; and to begin visiting others in events outside of Sacramento this season, in order to meet and build bonds with still more "like-minded people."[/list]And, Kurt, I think he's just having withdrawals. What Marty really needs is another race! (Me too!)


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