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Default DX7 duel aielron servos

Morning all. Trying to get my PA MX Extra ready for maiden. I'm running two aeilron servos. I have the right wing plugged into the aileron slot on the Rx and left wing into Aux 1. Flaperon setting is on, Flap: system and flap trim ACt. With this setup no matter where I have the flap switch set, both ailerons are moving together in the same direction. I have double checked the manual and even looked at the menu of other planes I'm flying with the same setup. What am I do wrong? I really don't need flaperons or spolierons for this plane. Should I just out and get a Y connector? I would like to set it up as mentioned, in case I do decide to add flaperons and spoilerons later. And tryong to undestand the DX7 better without having to taking to the field or the LHS to get them to set it up. I guy at the LHS setup my PA addiction so that I have the option of using flaperons and spoilrons, but for the moment he set it up so the that flaperon switch is disabled.
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