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Default Best charging solution with current setup?

I really need to learn a thing or two about batteries/chargers and work out a decent setup, and I'm hoping someone around here can help.

I currently have the Eflite balancing lipo charger which I've used to charge packs that I run in both my Typhoon 2 and Blade 400, as well as the celectra that came with the mcpx and the standard base charger that came with my UMX Extra 300. I'm about to build a Fancy Foam kit that will be using 2S 320mah 20C Hyperions. I need to pick up some sort of adapter to go from the balancing plug on these to my Eflite charger.

What would my best inexpensive solution be as far as charging batteries efficiently and conveniently? I know I need to pick up a high quality charger, but I'd like to wait on that until I'm shelling out for my trex550EFL setup. Just looking to get the most out of what I currently have. I'd like something I can basically throw all my batteries in and then know when they're done charging easily.

Also wondering if I can use the stock mSRx batteries with my UMX Extra, as my roommate has a lot of those laying around...but that's getting off the topic.
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