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Default RE: Hangar 9 30cc P-47 Build Thread

The next step is to install the hinges. There are two different types of hinges used on the P-47. There is the typical CA hinge for the rudder, elevators, and ailerons. Then there is the round hinge point hinge for the flaps.

The manual has you install the surfaces as you build the part. In other words they have you hinge the ailerons and flaps while you build the wings. Later they have you hinge the elevators as you build the stabs, etc. I personally hate to hinge. So when I do it I want to get it done. Before you go and glue all the hinges in you need to read through the manual thoroughly and ensure that if you do it all at once, nothing will get out of sequence causing an issue later on in the build. I double verified this and went to work.

Adhesive used for hinging the rudder was think CA or pink label ZAP. I prefer to use ZAP whenever I build. It is the highest quality adhesive on the market I believe. Any thin CA will work, the key thing is to make sure it is fresh.

pic #1 shows the rudder hinges installed. Here you can also see the more complete look of the stripes through the hinge area. A much more professional finish I believe.
pic #2 shows the elevator hinged to the stab.

A key point to remember when installing hinges on something that is the same color top and bottom. You will always want to ensure the top covering overlaps the bottom covering. This is ensured at the factory and you want to do the same. So carefully look at the sides and the hinge line to see how the overlap is to determine the top and bottom of each stab and elevator half.
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