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Default RE: Hangar 9 30cc P-47 Build Thread


An interesting thread. I have about 6 H-9 planes including the older P-47. If possible, please avoid turning every other post into a product plug for your employer. No disrespect intended, but this is a thread on a specific plane, not an on-line catalog for your company.

Thank you.

Well, I have a dozen+ Horizon airplanes, H9, Eflite, PZ, all the way from the Clipped Wing T'Craft to the PZ Wildcat. That's not counting the ones I've sold, one of which was the old 1.50 P-47. I also have this new P-47 on order (as do four others in our club), together with the electric retracts and other electric-specific items. All my radio equipment is JR.
John, I value your thread here, and am looking forward to following it through with you as it can only help when I get mine and start assembling. It's your thread, so present however, and whatever, you want. And since I intend to use all Horizon equipment w/ mine, including Horizon's recommended power system, I'll really be interested in how you install yours and as I said, it can only help to see it. If people don't want to follow this thread because they feel you might be too "pro-Horizon", by using Horizon equipment here, then let them go to some other thread and read about something else.
Looking forward to more info.
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