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Default RE: ESM FW D-9

Really? A 20x10 at 5900rpms?

I kinda thought this plane would need more grunt then what ive been running electric wise in the 73" size planes.
hell......I could throw an e-flite power 110 in this on 8s and get the same rpm's. Even bumping it to an e-flite 160 on 10s using same prop id get more then 5900. last i tacked the power 160 with an 18x12, it was turning 6850.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......maybe I need to look more into this plane again. I have a 50cc gas motor, but heck if all its getting is the same power as a 110 class electric motor, wife's not gonna like me LOL. Oh hunny...just got the tax rebate and it was only $1000(as IRS deposits 2500 in the bank)
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