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Default RE: new to electrics, charger questions

Why did you buy the iMax B6 without doing some due diligence before purchase? I take it you are possibly having some problem with it or you wouldn't have posted. So out with it ... what's your concern? Assume you at least googled a few iMax threads at RCU before buying your B6


Thanks Jeff for pointing out my obvious blunder ... how to salvage my above reply other than to say I was way to quick to assume that he had possibly already received a troublesome B6 from HK, when a ton of them are being used by satisfied customers. One reason why no one has yet given advice is because there are a ton of threads about the pros and cons of buying HK products including the iMax B3 to B8. I apologize for having jumped to the wrong conclusion that he might have received a faulty iMax B6 and was taking an end around approach to find out if there were any other displeased IMax B6 owners.
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