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ORIGINAL: n8622t

Not a thing wrong with that P47 I am going with a similar set up since yours looks so good. DA50 and a slimline. How is the firewall since you cut out the bottom section? You gonna need to reinforce in any way? What about the open fuse section...idea...take some thin balsa and wet one side so it will curve along the grain for you, then lay it in the opening from the firewall to the front of the fuse. Work it in and glue it. Piece the ends in then come back and trim it off...thin epoxy and paint it. It will help channel the heat away from the muffler and engine and keep hot air out of the fuse. Hope this helps since you already worked out how my engine is going on
The firewall is very sturdy and I do not think it actually needs reinforcement. I will, however, reinforce the rear of it with alutech plates. I have also coated the front ofthe firewallwith epoxy to strengthen it, and coated the inside of the fuselage in front of the firewall, as well as about an inch of the front of the firewall along its periphery,with epoxy and fiberglass for extra strength.

Thanks for the suggestion for closing the gap. I am stillthinking about various alternatives for how to do it.

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