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Default RE: Scratch Designed/Built Sailplane

*grin* sailplanes rock. Some think they're boring but I've spent many happy years floating around chasing lift. I find the challenge of staying aloft, sniffing out thermals, chasing hawks, running ridges etc, keeps things interesting. Unlike my powered planes, which I also enjoy a lot, every flight with a sailplane is different. Fun stuff.

Well anyway, I got the aileron servos mounted today, woohoo! Here's how that went.

I have an ARF foamy & a built-up I got at a swap-shop, both of which have the servos glued into the airframe. I can't say I'm a fan of that although I guess it works, well until you strip a gear & have to go digging to replace it. IMO a servo should be mounted using screws. To that end I set about creating a spot in my wing to mount the aileron servos...

I decided to first mount the servos to a small hatch which would then be screwed securely to the wing. I used hardwood for the hatch covers & the mounting blocks...

With the hatches complete the next step was to fish the servo wire through the wing. This is where the string I threaded through the ribs earlier came into play. Using electrical tape I attached the end of the wire to the string...

A few gentle tugs & we're in business...

Fat fingers & tiny wires, oh yay. After fiddling with my way over-sized soldering iron I successfully wired up the servo plugs...

After insulating the wires I mounted the servos to the hatches, then the hatches to the wing...

Ideally I would have liked the hatches to sit flush with the bottom of the wing but again with the thin airfoil, the servo takes up too much room. Compounding the problem, I also had to reenforce the hatch around the control arm slot as it was kinda flimsy at first. Still, compared to this huge wing these tiny hatches should have negligible effect. I'm pretty pleased with the instillation, came out fairly tidy. The wing is a little thicker where I'm planning to install the flap servos so hopefully those will go in flush. Will have to see.
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