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Default RE: RC Plane Guys Are Cheap!

Well, I can't speak for the guys and galsthat operate heli's, boats or cars, but for myself that operates RCplanes, I can understand why I might be stereotyped as cheap. When I pay 130 bucks for a J-3 cub ARF 25 kit, yet if I follow the "RecommendedESC, Outrunner motor, servos and battery listed in the manual",this would cost three times more than the dang kit. I then have a tendency to look for "almostas good" butcheaper options. I'm just speaking for myself. If I try to get a deal and I insult someone, I apologize, however, I believe a lot of the companies out there, have a monopoly on this sport andcause this issue. 124.99 for a lipo battery? As far as i'm concerned, If it's less money out of my wallet..........then I can biggie size.
I'm not going to break the bank just to try and enjoy the sport. That's why I quit golfing....
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