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Default RE: Scratch Designed/Built Sailplane

ORIGINAL: guamflyer

The V-Tail many degrees are ya goiung to set it at..i flew alot of Vees and found 110 degrees to work well as elevator...but anyways.. with the way you build man you might want to check out motorgliders.. I love to thermal and slope and missed it so much that I went towards motorgliders and it really combines the best of both worlds..i like to cruise around and stay up as long as I can...Love your build man..I'll come back and check on the build..I'm curently flying a Fournier RF5 Cabrio sperber motorglider and just parked my Moni. lots of stuff out there..
Yeap I'm using 110° for the v-tail. Among other sources I used the excellent sailplane v-tail calculator available at Tailwind They have a nice collection of design tools tailored just for RC sailplanes.

A motor glider might be a possibility. The Fournier RF5 Cabrio looks like a slick ride, love that fuselage profile especially the nose. I have several other projects lined up after this one so will have to see.

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