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Default RE: Vintage RC Gear - Videos

Hi Dave,

I have many examples of vintage gear on test rigs, as I get the time I will make short vids and post them as there seems to be plenty of interest.

Phil & I decided to re invigorate the simpler earlier forms of model RC and also to try to rescue as much of the old gear as possible as so much was just corroding away...Thats how the museum started. It's a privately funded venture, but fortunately we have been given a number of donations as well. We give talks and demonstrations to model clubs taking sections of the collection with us.

I have just restored an Orbit Reed 12 set. that was almost a basketcase.. Acouple ofminor faults left to sort but I'll get there

Re the links, they work fine from my PC, It will be something to do with your browser settings quite possibly.....

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